After working with Italians for many years, I cannot help but be jealous of their lifestyle. Every time I return from Italy, I am determined to try to adapt the same routine that I practiced in Italy. The first week I am motivated and keep it up, only to go into slow decline and by the end of week two, I am back to my old stressful Western habits of working too much and not socialising enough – everyone is always so busy that one has to book an appointment to see friends…. a laugh with good friends keeps the blood pressure down and too much work makes Fifi a dull girl!

I consider the values of the Italian people in regard to food, culture and socialising as some of the best in the world and we could benefit greatly from them in my country in terms of mental health, obesity and alcohol consumption. Italian people are rarely alone and live often in small apartments, with their extended families where space is an issue. They are constantly out and about surrounded by family neighbours and friends; rarely eat alone and if it is time for a coffee, then one simply stops …..they always have time for their friends.

Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day and a sandwich simply will not do… It has to be a sit down meal with pasta and salad and never ever, is it hurried. Food is almost the sacred religion in Italy. People speak with a reverence about it and it never ceases to amaze me just how much everyone talks about this topic even the youth. No one is better than their Mamma’s cooking…!

The only thing that the Italians have not got right is the time the women still have to spend in the kitchen but hey, maybe this acts towards a peaceful happy society when everyone’s stomachs are satiated with good quality, home cooked food.
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