Some clients come to me and say ‘I want to go to Italy but I do not know where”…! They have heard how wonderful it is but do not know where to travel other than the famous spots in Rome and Venice. When travelling, the things you like as a person, do not inherently change.

Choose the things you love as this then will be a real holiday. Catch the train if you are worried about driving in a foreign country. However to visit the country villages a car is somewhat necessary unless you have a lot of spare time to catch the country buses.

If you love the sea and want an apartment high on the cliffs looking out over the islands go to the Amalfi Coast. If you love food and red wine rent a villa in Tuscany or the Valpolicella Wine Region near Verona. If you love art and fine architecture go to Florence. If you enjoy trekking go to the Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast or follow the footsteps of St. Francis in Umbria.

If you love ancient history and old buildings go to Rome; Explore archaeology in Campi Flegrei, High fashion and trendy bars and design furniture – Milan; Skiing – the Dolomite Mountains in February.; Pristine beaches – Puglia.

In Italy there is something for everyone. You only have to ask us!

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Visiting the Last Supper in Milan

  • 9:32 pm

Our tips on Visiting the Last Supper in Milan: For art history enthusiasts, Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper, Il Cenacolo in Italian, is the one of the most important attractions in the whole of Italy. […]

Travel Italy – The Sounds of Italy

  • 4:31 pm

There are some Sounds of Italy you can never forget, never quite get over. Laughter is among the top for me. By Lindsay Sinko PFI USA Florida Office.

My husband and I were at the […]

Slow Travel in Italy

  • 5:30 am

Planning a holiday is always challenging, if you do not know anything about a country. However as I myself prefer slow travel, I am always amazed how some people seem to have so much […]

Why the Italian lifestyle has got it right!

  • 10:23 am

After working with Italians for many years, I cannot help but be jealous of their lifestyle. Every time I return from Italy, I am determined to try to adapt the same routine that I […]

Frecce Train Categories Italy

  • 3:01 am

Trenitalia is Italy’s national train company and PFI books the high speed Frecce trains that travel between the major capital cities of each region.

The Frecce has the following categories going up in price accordingly.

Standard, […]

A Villa in Tuscany

  • 8:09 pm

A week in Tuscany is simply a wonderful holiday. To book a villa or apartment even if there is only two of you, is one of the best things you can do when travelling […]

Culture of Food in Italy

  • 6:00 am

Why Italian food is voted one of the best in the World!

Italian food culture is different to other countries I have visited. It used to annoy me at first that Italians talk about food […]

Travel in Italy Where to Go

  • 1:17 am

While I love the whole of Italy – every region has its own jewels but a lot of people ask me what is my favourite part.
My response is what sort of holiday do you […]

San Valentino, Verona o Venezia?

  • 6:18 pm

San Valentino si sta avvicinando, un giorno in cui si celebra l’amore e gli innamorati. L’Italia è il paese perfetto per festeggiarlo, in veneto in particolare ci sono due città simbolo dell’Amore, la Verona […]

Italy – You Can’t Bottle the Light

  • 9:04 pm

“You cannot bottle up the light gleaming through a basilica window and release it to a classroom.” My mom said to her students as she was introducing our upcoming educational tour in Italy.

We sadly […]

Suffering Stendal’s Effect in Italy

  • 7:39 pm

The Stendhal Syndrome
Stendhal’s Effect or The Stendhal Syndrome can happen to the unaware particularly when travelling in Italy, when viewing beautiful art and palaces filled with stunning frescos and their sheer beauty becomes overwhelming […]

Italy – Connect with the Locals

  • 6:00 am

Remember in Italy, connect with the locals.  One cannot control anything or demand service – this will only make things worse – very different to the West. You have to go with the flow […]

Travel to Italy

  • 5:32 am

While the cites of Rome, Florence and Venice are amazing, I suggest if you travel to Italy getting out to the country or seaside villages to experience the lifestyle there where the locals are not […]

To Travel to Italy or not!!

  • 11:01 am

Life is like riding a surfboard up and down on the waves of emotions – happiness, despair, joy, sadness and grief. Sometimes when grief strikes it is sadness all the way. It makes us […]

Travelling when the Earth is in Conflict

  • 10:26 pm

With all the bad news about the wars happening in the world, with their insane suicide bombers and brutal horrific pictures on the news every day – this can make us travellers a bit hesitant about jumping […]

Helpful Tips for Travelling in Italy

  • 10:32 pm

While Italy is a very safe country in which to travel with very few violent episodes, these are a few points to make sure all goes well.  The Italians (like everyone) do not like […]