Venice Italy is a unique city where historical palaces and churches and the homes of the Venetians reflect in the meandering canals, giving it a surreal beauty and a magical quality that seduces the visitor.  After 1400 years of extraordinary history, it has remained almost unchanged; there are no cars, just the sound of footsteps, the splashing of the water in the canals and the swish of the gondolier’s oar.

It is a small city but, but possesses a high concentration of famous art so there is much to see. Despite millions of tourists each year, it is easy enough to find peace in the beautiful churches, where the light filtering through stained-glass windows makes you feel cocooned by the silence and intimacy. Dorsoduro and Castello sestrieri (districts) are less frequented, so you can lose yourself in the labyrinth, and savor the real soul of Venice.

Venezia from Oliver Astrologo on Vimeo.

In Venice We Recommend…

If there is a single overriding motif that draws travellers to Venice, it is the incredible sense of romance the city engenders. For this reason it’s crucial to choose Accommodation that allows you to savor Venice’s soul. It is this that Passion for Italy specializes in!
Stay in a 12 room Hotel facing the “S. Maria della Salute” church, which represents Venice as a melting pot of civilizations, where eastern influence meet a 16th century building, completely remodelled to give to the traveller modern and luxurious facilities.

Otherwise rent a cozy Apartment, beautifully decorated with antique furniture, in a real 16th Century Venetian home, that it is still owned by the same family.
Spoil yourself in the local restaurants: Venice has a huge culinary tradition, fish and shellfish of every species are simply but delightfully cooked… When you sign up as a client with Passion for Italy we will give you a list of fantastic restaurants.

Visit Venice during some of the wonderful events Venice is renowned for but please book six months ahead:
Carnivale in February!
Vogalonga in May – Venice Rowing Regatta
Venice Biennale – June to November every second year.

Venice Ferry Passes and Tickets

Tickets each way for the vaporetto on the grand canal are quite expensive if you buy them as single tickets. It is more economical to buy a 3 day pass if you are going to be using the ferry a few times.  See the various cards that enable discounts to museums and transport see the official tourism website of Venice here – Venezia Unica

Italian Gov Tourist Tax

All visitors who stay in an accommodation facility throughout Italy have to pay the “Tourist tax”. The Venetian council refers to it as an opportunity for you to become one of the city’s sponsors, contributing to its safeguarding.

The taxes are cheaper for accommodation on Lido and the other islands and the mainland.
When you book accommodation with Passion For Italy, we will inform you of the exact amount of the tax for your accommodation.


Venice is located in the northern region of Veneto, and is built on islands in the Venetian Lagoon.

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