If you plan to be in Venice in July, you must see the Redentore Festival which is one of Venice’s best loved festivals. Decorated boats arrive at the basin of Piazza San Marco at sunset and all along the canals waiting to see the huge firework display which takes place after dark.

It is a wonderful site to see with boats of all sizes up and down the Grand Canal and the Venetians make it a big party and go all out to celebrate.

The origins of the Festival of the Redentore go back a very long way. In 1576, Venice was devastated by a terrible plague. The Senate of the Serenissima voted to build a temple in honour of Christ the Redeemer (“Redentore”) to drive out the plague which was crushing the city.

There is also a mass at the Chiesa del Redentore built on the island of Giudecca to a design by Andrea Palladio. The Doge decreed that from then on, the festival of the Redentore should take place each year on the third Sunday of July.

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