Most people speed through the region of Veneto on their way to the amazing city of Venice.  Today, Il Veneto has established its own distinct identity and offers hospitality to numerous visitors eager to explore the many treasures of the region. Set aside few days to behold the other parts of  Il Veneto that is blessedly devoid of tourist crowds.

The famous Prosecco Wine region is north east of Venice offers tasting of that immensely popular Prosecco white wine which is peculiar to this zone only.

In the far north, close to the border with Austria, there are the Pre-Alps and the Dolomite mountains over which the town of Cortina d’Ampezzo reigns supreme with her sublime ski slopes and stylish city centre.

In the west is Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, paradise for sailing and windsurfing, paragliding and mountain biking. Verona is the city of the Montecchi and Capuleti, of Romeo and Juliet, immortalized by Shakespeare.  In the summer magnificent classical concerts and opera is staged in the ancient open air amphitheatre.

Just outside Verona is Valpolicella Wine Region filled with countless family wineries and some of the best red Italian wine.

Half an hour away you will find the elegant Vicenza, with the astonishing Palladian Villas and Padua where lovers of Renaissance painting can see Giotto’s memorable fresco cycle.

Veneto also boasts other splendid cities like Treviso and the small charming medieval villages of Asolo and Bassano del Grappa which you can visit on our Hill Towns Day Tour.

What To See In Veneto

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Getting There And Around

Most of the main towns in Veneto, as Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Venice are well linked by the highway A4, which cross all the north of Italy from Turin to Venice. The western area of Veneto is crossed by the highway A22 which links the north of Italy to Austria and Germany.

The main railway track is the one from Milan to Venice, which goes parallel to the highway A4 and links all the main towns of Veneto. It is possible to reach Venice directly by train stopping at Santa Lucia Railway Station, which is located in the historic center.

The main airport is the International Marco Polo in Venice, linked with all the major European cities and with some intercontinental destinations as U.S., Canada and Dubai.

Venice has also an important ferry port in the Mediterranean Sea, especially as a cruise ship terminal.

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The Venice Biennale art exhibition occurs every two years in Venice Italy. Fabulous art exhibitions from all around the world. Each country has its own pavillion. The 58th International Art Exhibition, titled May You Live In […]

Venice Tintoretto Exhibition

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Venice Italy 7th September 2018 to 6th January 2019. To Celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the birth of Jacopo Tintoretto (one of the most important Venetian Painters! 1519-1594) the city of Venice in collaboration […]

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Rialto Market and Secret Venice guided walking tour with Cicchetti and Wine, a Gondola ride, San Polo district and the medieval ancient red light district – 2.5 hr walking tour limited to 10 people.

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Springtime in Italy

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Springtime in Italy is the picture of paradise.  The sweet scents of jasmine and wisteria float on the breeze as they climb ancient ruins and romantic pergolas.

Flavors come to life as fruits and vegetables […]

San Valentino, Verona o Venezia?

  • 6:18 pm

San Valentino si sta avvicinando, un giorno in cui si celebra l’amore e gli innamorati. L’Italia è il paese perfetto per festeggiarlo, in veneto in particolare ci sono due città simbolo dell’Amore, la Verona […]

Valentine’s Day: Venice or Verona?

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St. Valentine’s Day is approaching, a day where we celebrate love and lovers. Italy is the perfect country to celebrate it!  In the Veneto region in particular there are two cities which are the […]

Venice Music Concerts

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Dueling Orchestras of Venice
Piazza San Marco in Venice is a captivating place. Many people sadly only see it during the day, swarming with tourists, but there is another Venice for those who stay when […]

Prosecco Wine Region Impressionist Art Exhibition

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Prosecco Wine Region Impressionist Art Exhibition – If you are planning to visit Venice, Verona, the Prosecco Wine Region or others places in Veneto, don’t miss the exhibition in Treviso called “Storia dell’Impressionismo” ( […]

David Henderson Exhibition Brisbane

  • 2:44 am

David Henderson beautiful watercolours and pastels of Venice and Rome as well as other works. If you love Italy and its magnificent architecture and light – you will love David’s work.

You are invited to the […]

Burano in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy

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There are some places where time seems to pass more slowly … I have this feeling every time I walk in Burano, Italy. Burano is one of the largest islands of the Venetian lagoon, […]

Prosecco Wine Region Harvest Time

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On the Prosecco hills in the Veneto region of Italy, the time of the grape harvest is coming. As the territory is hilly and because of the slope of the vineyards, the grape harvest […]

Veneto Tour Package 335

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Touring the Veneto – Venice, Padua, Verona and Lake Garda Italy

11 day Itinerary which offers a leisurely introduction to Venice and the above towns to explore the Veneto  region of Italy with something for everyone. A […]

Venice Grand Canal Tour 08

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Grand Canal Boat Tour of Venice – Cruise down the grand canal of Venice by motor launch. Small group limited to max 8/9 people.

A great way to explore Venice and learn about the magnificent […]

Il Veneto Wine Regions

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The wines from the hills above Verona dominate the wine scene in the Veneto region. This region has 20 recognised zones for production, with grapes including Corvina, Rondinella, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon (reds); and Garganega, […]

St. Valentine’s Day Italy

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Surprise your lover with a romantic package for St. Valentine’s day in Verona on 14 February. On this day we celebrate the patron saint of lovers on February 14 who was beheaded for marrying Christians […]

Venice Antique Markets

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If you love markets like I do, especially good ones,  the Antique Markets of Campo San Maurizio in Venice, take place for 3 days in the following months, April, June, Sept, October and December. […]

Free Opening of Museums in Italy

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The Italian government has announced that from 1 July 2014 the first sunday of the month there will be free admission to all museums, and places of culture in Italy. Good news!! FrFrom 1 July 2014, […]

Venice to Como Package 246

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A leisurely tour for 13 nights across Northern Italy, from Venice to Lake Como organised and customised for you by Passion for Italy.  Staying in 4 star accommodation, you will learn about food, wine, art and history as […]

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Getting around Venice using the public transport Ferries can prove to be quite expensive for a family and difficult to work out. Passion for Italy gives our clients all the information for travelling around Venice. […]

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In this series of blogs, Passion For Italy are showcasing some of our favourite villas, apartments and hotels all over Italy. Today we are featuring a Villa hotel set amongst vineyards and olive trees, […]

The Great Artists of Italy

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As I work and travel around Italy every year, I have visited many of the major museums in Italy. On my first visit to the Galleria degli Uffizi in Firenze over 25 years ago, […]

David Henderson Art from Venice

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David Henderson is a Brisbane artist based in Venice and Australia. David paints a variety of themes but living in Venice he does magnificent paintings of Venice. You can see a video of David […]

Artigianato Vivo Treviso Italia

  • 5:49 am

Dal 5 al 15 agosto, a Cison di Valmarino (Treviso), ritorna la manifestazione “Artigianato Vivo”. Un evento da non perdere, che coniuga l’arte e la tradizione dell’Artigianato alla cultura enograstronomica, il tutto nella splendida […]

Venice Vogalonga Rowing Regatta

Vogalonga is a 30km non-competitive rowing race in Venice, Italy,  where hundreds of boats of every shape and form get together with hundreds of Venetian and foreign rowers. It is held in Venice in June. This […]

New Year’s Eve in Venice

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On the 31st of December, there is always a great party in Piazza San Marco and Piazza Ferretto in Venice, one of the most important nights of the year. The New Year celebrations culminate in […]

Lake Garda Italy

Lake Garda or Lago di Garda is half in Lombardy and half  in Il Veneto region in the north of Italy. The largest of the Italian lakes ( 370 sq km), it is well […]

Prosecco Wine Region Italy

Springtime is magical season in the Prosecco Wine Region, north of Venice Italy,when the gentle sloping hills are surround by the colors, scents and flavours of the wine of the harvest. Prosecco is a […]

Padua, Padova, Veneto

Just 37 km west of Venice is Padua know as Padova in Italy – an elegant city with a discrete charm surrounded by 16th century walls. The old city centre is a place of […]

Verona, Veneto

Nestled along the banks of the Adige River, Verona lies about 80 km. north of Venice in Italy. It is the Veneto’s most-visited city, after Venice. Verona reached a cultural and artistic peak during the […]

Valpolicella Wine Region Italy

Located in northeastern Italy, to the east of Lake Garda , the Valpolicella scenic vineyards, start in the fertile plain and climb up to the hills, north of Verona, offering a magnificent view over […]

Cortina Dolomites Veneto

Cortina is the most exclusive of Italian skiing resorts. Dramatic pink-tinged snow covered peaks rise with sheer cliff faces straight up from the top of the slopes, giving magnificent views from wherever you are. […]

Venice Il Veneto

Venice Italy is a unique city where historical palaces and churches and the homes of the Venetians reflect in the meandering canals, giving it a surreal beauty and a magical quality that seduces the […]

Il Veneto Region

Most people speed through the region of Veneto on their way to the amazing city of Venice.  Today, Il Veneto has established its own distinct identity and offers hospitality to numerous visitors eager to explore […]

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Experiencing the Italian food and wine specialties of the region is the perfect way to start a journey to get to know Italy, from its land to its people and history. One of the […]

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Departing from Venice Full Day Coach Tour. Enjoy an unforgettable day in Italy’s most spectacular Dolomite mountains and visit the famous resort skiing town of Cortina, north of Venice in the Veneto region! The perfect compliment […]

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Two hour guided group tour of the Doge’s Palace in Piazza San Marco, the main piazza of Venice. The Doge was the ruler of the Venetian Republic and his palace was magnificently furnished with […]

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Venice Walking Tour -Two hour group walking tour in Venice to get to know this fascinating unique city on water. An absolute must for first time visitors to Venice, a great way to discover […]

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Enjoy a fascinating walking tour through the dimly-lit backstreets and alleys of Venice, illuminated by numerous Ghost stories & Legends from Venice’s past and present. Along with delightful anecdotes about the Venetians and their […]

Cooking Class Valpolicella 68

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Enjoy the flavours of the Valpollicella Wine Region with this hands-on cooking class held at a large historical wine estate, that has been in the same family for twenty generations over the last six centuries. […]