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We only have this one short life and we need to make the most of every moment and live in the present because we only know that we have today - the past is gone and the future is only in our imagination.

We dont know what is going to happen tomorrow so bearing that in mind we sometimes have to strike while the iron is hot.
Sometimes we need to take a holiday before time runs out- where we follow our loves and interests whether that be art, history, beautiful countryside or lying on a beach, eating fantastic food and wine-tasting in the vineyards.


I have classified Italy into five passions:- Food and Wine Italy, Italian Cities of Art, Sea and Lakes Italy, Festivals in Italy and Travel in Italy. You can see the towns and areas listed that we can tell you about so that you too can find your passion for Italy.

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  • Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

A wine tasting at a beautiful vineyard is one of the quintessential attractions of Tuscany.  Passion for Italy is proud to send our clients to a special winery near the charming medieval town of […]

  • Italy – You Can’t Bottle the Light

Italy – You Can’t Bottle the Light

“You cannot bottle up the light gleaming through a basilica window and release it to a classroom.” My mom said to her students as she was introducing our upcoming educational tour in Italy.

We sadly […]

  • Suffering Stendal’s Effect in Italy

Suffering Stendal’s Effect in Italy

The Stendhal Syndrome
Stendhal’s Effect or The Stendhal Syndrome can happen to the unaware particularly when travelling in Italy, when viewing beautiful art and palaces filled with stunning frescos and their sheer beauty becomes overwhelming […]

  • Travel in Italy

Travel in Italy

Some clients come to me and say ‘I want to go to Italy but I do not know where”…! They have heard how wonderful it is but do not know where to travel other […]

  • Sea & Lakes in Italy

Sea & Lakes in Italy

There are so many beautiful coastlines as well as lakes in Italy, all diverse. We have chosen the best with spectacular views, with accommodation in quaint little villages perched high on a cliff top […]

  • Food & Wine Italy

Food & Wine Italy

Experiencing the Italian food and wine specialties of the region is the perfect way to start a journey to get to know Italy, from its land to its people and history. One of the […]