Life is like riding a surfboard up and down on the waves of emotions – happiness, despair, joy, sadness and grief. Sometimes when grief strikes it is sadness all the way. It makes us realise with a shock –  that life is finite and that it can end suddenly any time! We will never know when the time will come…

As most of my clients are middle age, there are many factors that can deter you from travelling overseas for a holiday. One of them is aging sick parents, that you need to care for. Another is school children, so you are limited to the school holidays when prices are sky high for flights or putting a child through university bleeding your finances dry.. Another is both getting holidays from work at the same time…. So many factors to determine your freedom to fly away to Italy.

We tend to get stuck in ruts in our daily lives, with houses, spouses, families and work – like this scenario – “My laundry tubs need replacing as they are rusting out after 40 years of use. If I replace that then I will have to replace the tiles and then the bench in the laundry is stained – oh the whole lot will have to be done!!. Should I sacrifice my holiday to redo the laundry?”

These are the decisions we are faced with everyday. Sometimes it all gets so hard we can’t even make a decision as we are too stressed to even do that. So we lie down and watch television and put it off until tomorrow – nothing gets decided and it is all too hard.

Can I have a trip to Italy and redo the laundry as well? Most average people can’t afford both in a year but guess what!! An acquaintance I know, was nearing retirement and she was planning to go to Italy after she retired in a few years… She found out a month ago that she had pancreatic cancer and died within three weeks. It was such a shock to all, let alone her family.

I hear this happening too often. It seems everyone knows someone who has now a brain tumour, prostate and breast cancer and the list goes on.

The message is – forget about the laundry and just go – you never know what is going to happen in a few years.  It can wait.  The laundry is not urgent.  We do need to live now and if you can afford it – just go.

It will boost your heart, health and passions like nothing else and who really cares if the laundry looks like crap! Only you see it anyway!! No one else is going to do your laundry for you are they?!!