Why Italian food is voted one of the best in the World!

Italian food culture is different to other countries I have visited. It used to annoy me at first that Italians talk about food so much,  but now I understand and have joined them…When in Rome…..! The food is exceptional and I am biased of course toward the south especially Napoli due to the tomatoes, mozzarella di bufalo, and the best cafe macchiato to die for!!!

It is because the Italians have been so smart and have not allowed genetically modified food to be imported or grown in Italy. A lot of modified fruit and vegetables have lost their taste and what is food without taste. It is insanity.

Bebe Severgnini, the famous Italian journalist writes with more humour and succinctly about Italians than I do, because he is one. He takes you inside the Italian mind and I find myself constantly chuckling, while reading them because they are so true. Here are some of his direct quotes from his book “An Italian in Italy” about Italians and their food:-

“Italians are the consummate professionals of culinary consumption. No one in Europe eats the way we do.”..For centuries, Italians have sought and usually found, consolation at the table. We don’t think that a sauce is tasty or that an olive oil is good. We know it is.

We may lie, of course, out of politeness or calculation. But that too is a touch of artistry; if you think about it. Note that I’m talking about all Italians, not just a hard core of gastronomes…”

“There is a spontaneous gustatory proficiency that cuts across social classes, age groups, income brackets, education and geographical boundaries. Confident food-related judgment derives from our unaffected approach to the table. Statistics confirm this gastronomic pride which derives more from culinary awareness than from chauvinism.”

“According to a British survey, ninety Italians out of a hundred, prefer Italian cooking to other cuisines. No other digestive tracts in Europe are as patriotic.

Italian cooking also seems to be the favourite among non-Italians. Some 42 percent of interviewees put La Cucina Italiana in first place, followed by Chinese cooking and French cuisine.”

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