Springtime in Italy is the picture of paradise.  The sweet scents of jasmine and wisteria float on the breeze as they climb ancient ruins and romantic pergolas.

Flavors come to life as fruits and vegetables begin to come into season.  Fruit stands sell fresh produce and squeeze delicious fruit juices to satisfy thirsty guests.

What an experience to tour the wonders of Ancient Rome surrounded by orange and palm trees, the lush landscape breathing new life into the history.

To the South, on the Amalfi Coast, wisteria and lemon trees fill the air with a scent perfume makers do their best to bottle.

A lovely perfumeria awaits just near a beautiful public garden in Capri overlooking the sea.  I still have my bottle of lemon and jasmine scented perfume, and just a whiff always brings me back to the sparkling seas, vibrant colors, and sweet aroma of the island.

Gardens all over Italy provide a fragrant retreat after a busy day of sight-seeing.  Take time to visit them, wander, sit and relax for a moment and soak in the beauty.

My first trip to Italy, first evening, first city, I spent in Venice in May.  While we were walking to dinner I breathed in and saw a green vine with millions of tiny white star shaped flowers.  I fell in love with gelsomino, jasmine, that day, and indeed with Italy itself.

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Blog and Photo by Lindsay Sinko, Passion for Italy Travel, USA