Private guided tour of Ellena Ferrante’s My Brillant Friend and books and Spaccanapoli – the ancient quarter of Naples.

Dotted along these street and alleys of Spaccanapoli which has not changed for 500 years, there are numerous beautiful churches, cloisters, artisan workshops, trattorias, and pizzerias, the Church and the Cloister of Santa Chiara, the Church of Gesù nuovo, the San Severo Chapel with the famous statue of the Veiled Christ, nativity scenes and pastors of San Gregorio Armeno, Napoli Sotterranea.

These are just some of the many amazing places that a visit to the ancient Center of Naples offers.

Exiting the old city, through Porta Capuana, (1484), one of the ancient doors of the city, we will arrive in the area near Piazza di Garibaldi. We will visit the ancient markets in this part of the city-Streets swarming of life and merchandises, a multiethnic Casbah in the hearth of Europe.

We will take the metro only stop,to the neighborhood of Elena Ferrante Rione Luzzatti, the setting for  My Brilliant Friend – Amica Geniale and the other books made world famous by the writer, visiting the places in this area, featured in the books.
We will then take the metro back to Montesanto station.

Duration: 3.5 hr