Planning a holiday is always challenging, if you do not know anything about a country. However as I myself prefer slow travel, I am always amazed how some people seem to have so much energy to want to run around the country in ten days.

I think the reason for this is that, a lot of people suffer from FOMO (as the young ones say) – The Fear of Missing Out! However as with all fear, this is a crazy reason to whip yourself mercilessly.

At Passion for Italy Travel we try to suggest the best holiday possible – this encompasses many things – it includes us being aware of how long it takes to travel from one region to the next and how many tours you can fit in in one day.

I am often appalled when I look at the large tour groups entering Rome or Capri.

They are dragged from pillar to post with a video camera attached to their eyes, so they do not even see the real view but through a lens.

I guess this must be to show the folks back home. This is insane behaviour and what sort of holiday is it? Going back to work is hard enough mentally without bein exhausted!

Slow travel means just that – taking it slow…. Having time to sit at a café with a sea view and just watch the ships go sailing by – not racing to catch that tour or that train to get to the next place.

We try to factor in some down time in our PFI itineraries and it always surprises me that people do not even think of this.

We are all humans and we all get tired and need some time to connect with the locals and go off the beaten track perhaps, to view the quiet life where the real people, away from tourism, live. This is actually the Italia vero and the best Italy.

Factor some of this in and don’t worry, we will remind you.