Sardinian Hospitality.  The best kind of travel reminds us that there is still something of kindness and simplicity in our often chaotic world.  Sometimes we need a true vacation.  A place to discover, where our hardened hearts softly melt into joy.

Sardegna.  Island of wild beauty, history, traditions, flavors unique to the island.  It is a place beyond dreams.  Even with all that, it’s the people who surprise me the most.

To be there is to experience countless interactions that make you pause for a moment and smile.

Your flight attendant running in heels through baggage claim, having run all the way from the plane to return the bag you accidentally left onboard.  She recognizes you in a sea of passengers and out of breath tells you how relieved she is to have found you.

A dad you almost ran off the road because you were so exhausted from flight delays you missed the sign indicating the closure. He waits for you.  Not to kill you, rob you, or even scold you; but to make sure you’re ok.  He was worried.  Pulling away slowly, he helps you find your way before taking his family home.

The receptionist at your hotel, the same one year after year, welcomes you like her own family.  She’s already reserved a table for you in the restaurant where a soft breeze surrounds you with the scent of sea and flowers.

A friendly boat captain not only introduces you to beauty beyond your imagination, but shares his stories of the land, the traditional food, and best of all, his adoration for his home.  He laughs with you in celebration of the joy this place brings to both your lives.

Your chef on board the boat feeds you until you couldn’t possibly eat any more, and later lifts little scraps of fish to the seagulls swooping down to take them from his bare fingertips.  Nothing wasted: moment or creature.

The barman at the beach café, is so happy you want to sit and chat with him that he quits taking money and starts handing you treats to sample and share.  He’s happy you appreciate his companionship and his home.

Drawing pictures on napkins and deciphering your out of practice Italian he tells you the name for jellyfish is medusa, lobster is aragosta, and you should choose one for dinner as you watch the sunset over the sea tonight.

Third generation niece of a beloved wine maker gives tours of her family winery.  She stays on the phone with you to guide you in until she sees you walk through the door.

“Mirto!”, she sings gleefully, pointing out the myrtle bush that produces the treasured liqueur of the island.  Pride beams in her face as she tells you the wine maker worked here in his vines until the day he died, so great was his passion.

Local scuba guides beckon you down into depths of turquoise.  Rays of sunlight pierce through the water and sting your heart like cupid’s arrow.  You never want to leave this sea.

Your guide, recognizing the delight in your masked but sparkling eyes, leads down you a little bit further, ignoring the time.  Even the fish stop to greet you as you descend.

Wading back to the beach, he likens the first dive to baptism.  Smiling, you nod your head.  Immersed in that water you felt very close to God indeed.

You all sip an Ichnusa together, chatting and laughing like old friends.  A toast to Sardegna, the sea, and all of us under their spell.

A trip to this sandal shaped island is sure to make an imprint on your heart.  Sardegna may greet you as a stranger but get to know its people and you’ll toast goodbye to friends.

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