In Salento, Puglia, Italy you can relax on beautiful beaches with clear aqua water or visit the ancient, traditional villages of Salento Province. Enjoy great food, dance all night at the traditional Notte della Taranta, experience a stay in a Trulli or in one of the  breathtaking Masserie: whatever you choose: Welcome to Puglia!

Puglia is definitely my favourite region of Southern Italy.  Visit the unique and amazing town of Alberobello, where the houses are dry-construction called Trulli.  It seems like to be in a fairy-tale. The white of the Trulli, the purple of bouganvilla flowers, it is amazing to see how they are inside. You can experience it on the shops and buy your own little Trullo to take home.

There are many towns and cities that I highly recommend to see: the coastal towns of Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, Gallipoli, or inside,  the Baroque City of Lecce.  All over the coast of Salento you will find beautiful beaches, from rocks to sand, such as: Torre dell’Orso, Porto Cesareo, Porto Selvaggio.  Make sure you go to Pescoluse, that is called the “Salento’s Maldives”, you can imagine why…

The province of Salento is a wonderful place to relax and not so crowded yet like other regions of Italy.  The area contains not only stunning beaches but also villages full of art treasures. It has great food and amazing traditions that are still alive there.

Taste the typical wine like the Primitivo and Negroamaro, and buy some homemade bread to dip into organic olive oil. This is the place to eat fresh sea food straight out of the sea that day, as well as all the traditional dishes and pastry made with almonds.

A unique experience is to take part of one of the several Festivals and religious processions.. I took part some years ago of a religious festa in a town that is kilometers away from the coast, in the middle of nowhere: it was suggested to me by a Pugliano friend .

When we arrived, we found thousands of people walking everywhere, all amassed in several circles: for each circle there were or a couple dancing the traditional dance called “Pizzica”  or men fighting the typical “Danza delle Spade“, acting out a challenge between them. For each circle there were people playing old instruments to accompany with music, the dancers. I was seduced from the charm and beauty of all the people dancing, playing, having fun celebrating old traditions.

At 6 am , after a long night of dancing and partying, streets and squares were full of people and families too…awake all night long.  At 7 am they took the statue of the saint from the church, and they start the religious procession. It seems incredible that those kind traditions are still alive, and that they combine together young and old people together. It has been one of the most fascinating night of my life.

For your next trip to Italy – choose Salento, Pulia . Book one of our beautiful hotels there, and enjoy all that this region can offer to you.

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Sabrina Barro, PFI Italian Office, Passion for Italy Travel

Photo by Sabrina Barro