An early morning tour before the museum is open to the public, of the artistic splendour the Rome of the Popes including a guided visit of  the Vatican MuseumsSistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica and piazza.

Rome – The Vatican Museum is simply one of the most spectacular museums in the world with priceless pieces collected from all over the world. La Basilica di San Pietro is awe inspiring like no other church with its incredible architecture designed by Bernini and the marble, frescos, gold and sculptures that make up the interior.  They are both extraordinary and highly recommended for your to do list in Roma. A visit to Rome is not complete without visiting the Vatican.

There are four different types of Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica Tours you can chose from with either a small group or private.

1.Early Morning Vatican Small Group Tour or Private 7.30 am before the public enters.

Experience a small intimate group led by a qualified, licenced, private guide. This 3.5-hour tour gives you a special reservation that will allow you to be among the first to enter the Vatican Museums, at least an hour before the general entrance. You will have all the time and space to enjoy the wonders of the Vatican Museums before the crowds. The Vatican Early Morning Tour is regarded as ‘one of the best experiences in Rome.

2. Morning or Afternoon Small Group Tour or Private – starts at 8.30 am or 13.50 pm

3. Private night tour at 6.00 pm after Museum is closed to the public – available only Friday nights.

2.5 Hr Private Tour -An evening at the Vatican including visits to the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. Enter the Vatican at dusk to experience a special evening ambiance. Does not include St. Peters Basilica as closed at night.
You & Michelangelo……Alone at last!. Vip Special Access Vatican and Sistine Chapel (limited availability) This is your chance to be alone with Michelangelo’s masterpiece and THE SISTINE CHAPEL. You and some of your closest friends and family will explore the secrets of the Vatican Museums and experience the Sistine Chapel in perfect intimacy. Discover the incredible history of the Vatican in the solitude of a small intimate group with the whole museum to yourselves!

4. Early Morning Express Tour

Meet our expert official guide at 7.30 AM and be inside the Museums one hour before they open to the public. The guide will bring you straight to the Sistine Chapel, so you can gaze up and admire the stunning masterpiece in relative solitude – 2 hr tour instead of 3.5 hr.

Tour Description

The Vatican is the beating heart of Rome’s legendary art. Powerful Pope’s have been collecting fantastic paintings, crafts, and antiquity for two thousand years resulting in the Papal collection being the finest in the world. Our expert guides are dedicated to bringing these extraordinary museums to life with anecdotes about the intriguing curiosities that line the galleries. Our aim is to make your Vatican experience as comprehensive and enjoyable as possible.

With our specially designed itinerary you will see all the highlights from the Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and the Baroque. In our time together we’ll discover the most important works of the museums: the School of Athens in the Raphael rooms and the iconic Sistine Chapel, the finest creation of Michelangelo, the extraordinary Genesis and the Last Judgement.

Our grand finale will be a visit to St. Peter’s Basilica, where we will admire more works from Michelangelo, including the famous Pieta and all the beautiful sculptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

PLEASE NOTE: Shoulders and knees need to be covered during the tour. No singlets, vests or shorts and skirts above the knees will be allowed inside the Vatican Museums and Saint Peter’s Basilica.

St Peter’s Basilica is the major Catholic church of the world and home of the Pope. Opening times are determined by liturgical ceremonies and mass times.  Therefore sudden closure of the basilica might happen with no notice. This will not affect the Museums visit. No umbrellas or backpacks are allowed. Please cover shoulders and knees otherwise entry will not be allowed.

Tour Details

Tours Runs : Mon; Tue; Wed,Thu; Fri; Sat 

Note – not available on Sunday due to mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. 

 Client Review of Early Morning Vatican Tour

My son and I were two of four people in our group. We were joined by a couple from Ohio in the States and we all met before sunrise outside the Museum of the Vatican. There we were met by a very welcoming lady who spoke perfect English and made sure we had everything we needed. She then introduced us to our guide Fabio. He then gave us an overview of what we would experience on the tour and he had many maps and illustrations to show us before we went inside.

This was very useful as he helped us to know what to look for and what to see when we were in there. He also showed us some of the intricate detail to look at when we were inside the Sistine Chapel because once we were inside, it was forbidden to talk or take pictures.
Then the gates opened, and we were some of the very few people to enter. Fabio led us all of the way giving us an impassioned understanding of the history and significance of each gallery and room of the museum, the Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica.

We felt very special to be amongst such incredible artwork without the crowds of tourists and to be in some areas were there was only the five of us standing there. It was a timeless experience.

Three and a half hours later, our heads and our hearts were full of awe and beauty and the tour came to an end. It was an experience that will live with us for a very long time. It was a deep and personal tour of one of the world’s most unique places and there couldn’t have been a better way to do it.

When we walked away for St Peter’s square, we saw the long lines of the public queuing up for half a kilometre for the general, public tour. We felt lucky and privileged that we didn’t have to experience the Vatican in such a way.

Australian Father and son 2018