Discover the history of Rome while the city is bathed in a magical and relaxed evening atmosphere. Away from the daytime tourism hassles, our expert guide will enliven your evening, bringing to life the sights you see with vivid accounts of their history and secrets.

You will see the temples of Pompey Theatre in Largo di Torre Argentina where Julio Cesar was assassinated, across the little-known narrow passages of the Ancient City where time has frozen, onto the Capitoline Hill, one of the famous seven hills of Rome.

Delight in a night view of the Roman Forums, the pulsating political and economic heart of ancient Rome, to the Imperial Forums, where the Trajan Column and Augustus Temple still stand with glory against the passing of time and empires.

The tour will conclude this amazing journey with the Rome’s most iconic site: the Colosseum! We’ll have direct access to the Arena to live for some moments… the gladiators’ view and also descend into the Underground of the Colosseum.

Here we will explain the mechanisms of this majestic arena where gladiators and beasts fought against each other for survival, eternal glory, and the entertainment of the masses.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Colosseum without masses of tourists and have a truly memorable experience in Rome.

Tour Details

Duration: 2.5 hr

Included: An expert guide, entrance tickets and reservations, headsets

Tour Runs: Mon, Tues, Wed,