Known for its mild winters where people enjoy leisurely strolls on the sunny promenade and golfers enjoy one of the oldest courses in Italy year round, Rapallo is the winter residence of preference for most of the affluent Italians living in the North West of Italy. It is an ideal base for exploring Liguria. Visit Cinque Terre one day by train and the next catch the bus around to Portofino.

Though modern development is happening at the outskirts of the city, at its heart, Rapallo it is still the gracious seaside village that attracted the likes of Ezra Pound, D.H. Lawrence and the famous English caricaturist, Max Beerbohm to reside here. Guarded by a medieval castle and the sociable promenade along the sea, it is always alive with interesting people and the special ambiance that belongs only to a seaport town.

Rapallo is a resort town that is somewhat less crowded and larger than Santa Margherita and Portofino down the way, so it’s definitely worth a visit. Founded by the Romans, this town brags that Hannibal used one of its bridges as he led the Carthaginian invasion of Italy in the third century B.C. Also, several semi-major peace treaties have been signed there.

Rapallo’s mild climate makes it particularly temperate, largely because of the hills that protect from the cold winds.

In Rapallo We Recommend….

Stay at our luxury 4* Hotel or our Lovely Apartment for a two week stay on the water and take day trips to the towns of Portofino, Santa Marguerita Ligure. Take the train to the beautiful beaches of Cinque Terre or walk the trekking path between the villages. Play golf on the beautiful greens.

The area is wonderful for serious trekkers with lots of high mountains to climb and mapped walking guides. Visit the fishing village of Camogli and see the giant statue of Jesus under the sea.

What To See In Rapallo

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