Springtime is magical season in the Prosecco Wine Region, north of Venice Italy,when the gentle sloping hills are surround by the colors, scents and flavours of the wine of the harvest. Prosecco is a variety of grape that produces a delicate sparkling wine with an intense, flowering aroma cultivated exclusively in the north-east of the Veneto Region, north of Treviso and on the left side of Piave River.

The towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene comprise the classic growing area and within the two small cities, there is the oldest Italian wine road “ La Strada del Prosecco”.

This scenic route runs from Conegliano Castle for 50 Km., meandering through enchanting small villages and hilltop hamlets such as S. Pietro di Feleto, Refrontolo, Soligo, Colle S. Martino and finishing in Valdobbiadene. Amongst the beautiful array of vineyards there are also artistic and architectural treasures to be discovered, such as aristocratic mansions and ancient monuments, parish churches and mills.

In Prosecco Wine Region We Recommend…

Rent an apartment on a large wine estate where it is possible to help in the harvest time or stay in our hotel in an ancient castle as a base, set on a hilltop overlooking the Prosecco vineyards. Let the local people envelop you with their warm hospitality, they have maintained their well loved traditions and the pleasure of meeting people.

Drive and discover the “Cantine” (cellars) and “Trattorie”( traditional cuisine). People here have managed to retain the best of their epicurean specialties and every season has its own creation: Spring has herbs growing wild used in “risotti’ and “frittate”; Summer brings fresh cheese and great variety of vegetable and wild game; Winter with ever present “polenta” and the unique “Radicchio di Treviso” which is shown in hundred of recipes.

During the summer, the local festivals celebrate the Prosecco production , where it is possible to taste the best of the Prosecco and Cartize wines .

What To See In Prosecco Wine Region

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