A Private Tour of Pompeii with your own knowledgeable guide is the best way to experience the incredible archaeological site.

Meet your guide and skip the lines, then prepare yourself to dive into the history. With Mt. Vesuvius looming over head, your guide will help you to picture it the way it looked before the famous eruption in 79 AD.

Of course, the most famous eruption was not the first or the last, but from frescoed images at Pompeii we know that the volcano looked much different in those times; much taller, and one peak rather than the two we see today.

Because of earthquakes and other warning signs, most of the wealthy residents of Pompeii decided to flee before disaster struck.  Today, most of the casts of the victims we see are those of slaves.

Seeing these casts in person it is impossible not to imagine the depth of fear and despair they must have felt that day.

As your guide brings all of this to life for you, it becomes quite easy to put yourself in their shoes for a while.  Marvel at who these people were, and how brilliant their designs.

I always find it fascinating to see the white stones arranged on the paths they used to walk, ancient street lights!  The bright white would glow in the moonlight, and apparently it still does today.

On a private tour, your guide can navigate these ancient wonders and show you the most interesting parts between large tour groups to give you a closer view, better photos, and a deeper understanding of what happened there.

Without a guide, one could wander for days without half the understanding gained in 2 hours with a passionate expert.

To me, the most incredible part of the experience is how a guide is able to place us as citizens of Pompeii in 79 AD, and allow us to feel the fear they must have felt, but also the luxury they enjoyed prior to the eruption.

Opulent gardens, colored frescoes, bubbling fountains, and shops and cafes not so different from our own. Truly an experience not to be missed!

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Lindsay Sinko,
Passion for Italy Travel, USA