As we come to the closing of another decade in a world of constant change, where people come in and out of our lives through loss in various forms, there is one thing that stays the same and that is – that love is periennial. It affects all life on this planet. Everything responds to love – humans, animals, flowers and even your house feels welcoming when filled with love for everyone that enters it.

Passion for Italy Travel has welcomed Allison this year, in New York into our team joining Lindsay in Florida and Sabrina in Treviso and myself in Brisbane and Pozzuoli. Living between two countries certainly makes for an interesting life with two opposing cultures and lifestyles. The only thing I find really difficult is that 24 hr flight from Australia to Rome. It is certainly not easy with the jet lag an the older one gets the worse it gets.

However the other thing that has never changed, is my love for Italy, the Italian people, the food, the history, the beautiful architecture and life style and on it goes…. My enthusiasm for Italy and also that of my team – never wavers and only increases as one discovers more fascinating areas and magnificent properties to add to the PFI accommodation portfolio as well as amazing day tours for our clients to enjoy.

2020 is already starting to book up, so start planning your trip to Italy over the holidays. Mark in your dates and contact us in the new year. It is best to book six months ahead to get the hotel of your choice.
We wish you and your families a safe and happy Christmas period.
Gemma Green Close  Director, Passion for Italy Travel.