Pozzuoli International Jazz Day

Pozzuoli International Jazz Day 2019. April 30 and 1 May 2019. Piazza della Repubblica, Pozzuoli, Campania

Association of Jazz and Conversation of Campi Flegrei is organising two days dedicated to music, meeting and sharing music in the historical center of Pozzuoli.

Musicians are welcome to play, Show your musical talents to the world.

Come and meet the […]

Sardinian Hospitality

Sardinian Hospitality.  The best kind of travel reminds us that there is still something of kindness and simplicity in our often chaotic world.  Sometimes we need a true vacation.  A place to discover, where our hardened hearts softly melt into joy.

Sardegna.  Island of wild beauty, history, traditions, flavors unique to the island.  It is […]

Venice Biennale 2019 Art Italy

The Venice Biennale art exhibition occurs every two years in Venice Italy. Fabulous art exhibitions from all around the world. Each country has its own pavillion. The 58th International Art Exhibition, titled May You Live In Interesting Times, will take place from 11 May to 24 November 2019 (Pre-opening on 8, 9, 10 May).  Art, Film, […]

Pozzuoli Jazz Festival July 2019

Pozzuoli Jazz Festival 20 June-23 July 2019 www.pozzuolijazzfestival.it

Pozzuoli (NA) Campi Flegrei, Campania, Italy

If you are planning a trip to Italy in July, you just have to come to the Pozzuoli Jazz Festival. I cannot rave enough about this incredible festival. The concerts are outstanding with performers from all over the world. see www.pozzuolijazzfestival.it

Pozzuoli is 40 min […]

Why the Italian lifestyle has got it right!

After working with Italians for many years, I cannot help but be jealous of their lifestyle. Every time I return from Italy, I am determined to try to adapt the same routine that I practiced in Italy. The first week I am motivated and keep it up, only to go into slow decline and […]

Bringing Tuscany to Tampa; A Wine Class

Passion for Italy Travel had the special opportunity to host a Wine Class last week in collaboration with Italian Club of Tampa and our favorite winery in the hills of Chianti!

As you can see in other blogs and tour descriptions on our website, this Winery near San Gimignano has given us and our clients […]

Flavio Roman Amphitheatre Pozzuoli

The Flavian Roman Ancient Amphitheater located in Pozzuoli, Campania to the east of Naples, is the third largest in Italy seating up to 50,000 spectators. The gladiators fought here as they did in the Colosseum in Rome. Completed in the late 1st century of the Flavian dynasty.

In 305, the arena was the setting for […]

Family Winery in the Heart of Chianti

In the verdant hills of the Chianti region of Tuscany, medieval towers and rows of grapevines paint a scene out of a Tuscan dream.

Whether you dream of learning to cook like an Italian nonna or prefer to leave the cooking to the experts and enjoy the wine, we have just the place for you.

The […]

Discovering Brunello in Tuscany

Discovering Brunello wines with your own Sommelier may just be best decision you make on your trip to Italy!

Staying in exquisite Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany means waking up to fresh air and the lingering scent of bread in the oven.  Delicious aromas wafting up and views for miles just beg for a glass […]

The Vatican City: A Fascinating Tour

The Vatican City is without question a highlight of Rome.  For Catholics and non, it is a mesmerizing maze of art, architecture, and the Catholic Faith.

Here, a guide is essential, but there are so many, and all tours are not created equal.

At PFI Travel, we recommend an Early Morning VIP Tour so that you […]

Encouragement from Amalfi

We all need a bit of Encouragement sometimes… I found this beautiful poem in the gift shop of the paper museum in Amalfi, and fell in love with it immediately.  Anyone who has faced and overcome challenges can relate to this, so I wanted to translate it and share.

To me this line is just […]

Friendly Service, Sea Views, & Under the Tuscan Sun Charm in Positano

Friendly Service, Sea Views, and Under the Tuscan Sun Charm in Positano; this is one of our favorite hotels in the Amalfi Coast, and it’s more affordable than you might expect!

No doubt many Americans’ dreams of Positano were born, like mine, in the movie theater watching Under the Tuscan Sun.

Remember the scene where Frances […]