Jobs Vacant

Join our  international team who are passionate about travel in Italy!

Position vacant for  English speaking, PFI Travel agent specializing in  Italy. We are looking for travel agents to work in the following cities & countries:-

London England, Dublin Ireland, Berlin Germany, and Paris France,

Essential requirement – You must have travelled widely in Italy, know the country very well and be as passionate about Italy as we are. You will be required to work and network in your own country, fully online with multinational clients as well as clients in your own country. It is helpful if you can also speak Italian but not an essential requirement. It will be expected that you will be able to travel to Italy to view our properties every year and to meet in Italy for team support and travel.

Please do not contact us if you have not travelled widely in Italy as this is  the major prequisite for employment.

In depth Experience with computers working online, Windows, Booking software,  Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, pdf, Cloud  software, Photo editing, downloading software, computer and internet repairs.

Kindly fill in the form stating the areas of Italy that you have travelled to and we will send you the employment criteria.

We are a lovely international team with online support every day. In depth training is performed for as long as you require with a three months probation period.

Passion for Italy supports slow travel, slow food and a non stress work environment. We only wish to work with people and clients who have the following philosophy-  who are kind, compassionate, caring about humanity and the environment in general, those who are passionate about Italy.

This is a very specialist field. Passionate Italophiles only! We are not your normal travel agency! We are Passion for Italy!

Training & Support is supplied every day. You will not work alone. We are there to help and guide you.

If you think you will fit the criteria kindly fill out the forms below.