The Galleria Borbonica – Bourbon Tunnel, is a huge tunnel meandering undering the city of Naples. It has huge ceilings so you wont suffer claustrophobia and is clean, well ventilated and lit. This is one of my favourite tours and I find the history fascinating both from the 19thC and from the two world wars 20th C. This is an interesting tour for children and families.

Originally build in 1853 by the spanish Bourbon king Ferdinand II to escape the masses when they revolted or if the bay was invaded by the English or others, the escape ran from the Roayl Palace Palazzo Reale to the Barracks in Via Morelli.

The tunnel- an amazing engineering feat for its time, was never actually completed and during World War II was used as a military hospital and also as a hideaway for those trying to escape the bombing of both the allies’ and Nazi forces. One can also view the acquaducts of the city.

The relics from World War II are fascinating many old cars and motorbikes from the period and the bomb shelters in the caves show the relics from the families who lived down there. It is a time warp where everything was left as it was during the war. The tunnel was filled in after the war and has now been excavated.

The war left its mark even in the subsoil. There are folding beds, messages evoking desolation of those who lived throughout the period,  and the memory of it. Visitors can discover the history of the people and their stories.

Standard Tour –
No reservation needed, except group tours great than 20 pax. Duration: 1.25 Hr. Tour starts every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 12.00 15.30 17.30 starting from one of both entrances: Entrance 1) : Vico del Grottone, n°4- Napoli (100 m far from Piazza Plebiscito)

Adventure Tour
Tour of the cisterns and acquaducts under the city by small dingy as well as the last part of the Galleria.
Duration: 1.3 hr Days: Saturday and Sunday
Tour hours: 10:00 – 12:00 – 15:30 – 17:30
Entry: Via Morelli 40 – Napoli (inside Morelli car parking) No children under 10 yrs allowed. Reservation required

Tour Details

This tour starts from either Vico del Grottone n°4 (through a XVIII century staircase), 150 m from Piazza Plebiscito the huge main piazza of Napoli. 

Duration: 1.25 Hr 
Tour Runs: Fri, Sat, Sun also Holidays
Time: Between 10 am – 12 pm or 3.30 -5.30 pm