Compared to Naples, the rest of Italy looks positively sedate and orderly. Neapolitans tend to talk faster, laugh louder, and enjoy food and life more enthusiastically than anyone else on the shores of the Mediterranean. Living on the edge of Mt. Vesusvius – the still active volcano that destroyed Pompei, might bring out the extremes of human behavior in this frantic beehive of a city.

This is the city that gave us many of the great icons of Italian culture, the pizza, the gelato, the spaghetti, La Sophia Loren. The food and coffee is to die for as well as the artisans and the views from the bay. If you are into exploring a city of passion, this is the place to go.

Naples is a city of contrasts set on the beautiful Gulf of Napoli where grandeur and squalor, gaiety and despair go hand in hand and only a ferry’s ride away from the Amalfi Coast. Baroque churches with priceless old masters and once-glorious buildings have become crumbling tenements. This city pulsates with life. You can step out of the hot city center and jump in the sea within 10 minutes. Dine on the sea at beautiful Marechiaro and swim in the softest water imaginable between courses. Always a sun shining here even in winter.

Always interesting and fascinating – prehaps the most amazing city in all of Italy in all areas!! well yes Rome and Florence and Venice are amazing too –  but this place has also something else – a character that you wont see anywhere else in Italy!!

Ask us to tell you about the great art galleries that house the treasures of Pompei and where to find the great art of Caravaggio! and as for sculpture – you have to see the “Cristo Velato” – the “Veiled Christ” – One of the most beautiful sculptures ever crafted – found in the heart of Napoli!

We Recommend…

We know this city well so come and speak with us about it. Stay right in the heart of old Naples where the culture is. Take our Spaccanapoli Tour where the streets are lined with antique bookshops and the artisans display their crafts.

You must taste the pizza here where it all started and the coffee is the best in the world. Stay far away from the railway station. See our day tours to the Islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri or Pompei.

We can tell you where to buy the most divine hand made chocolates and where they make the best pastry on earth – La Sfogliatella at our favourite bar in Naples. They make the best machiato in Italy.  Book with us and discover the delights of one of the most interesting cities.

What To See In Naples

When you Sign up as a Client with Passion for Italy we will give you a guide of what to see and do in Naples.  The list is too long to write here. If you love archaeology –  this is the place to base to explore the ancient cities of Pompei, Paestum and Velia, Campi Flegrei and Pozzuoli. The ancient history is amazing these places having ancient scavi – escavated cites B.C to explore.

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