In fabulous Positano, Amalfi Coast, a village built on the edge of the mountain leading down to the sea. Here there are a thousand steps to go anywhere and views to die for. It is an amazing little place and I think everyone should go to the Amalfi coast at least once in their lifetime. The smallness of the towns here adds to the community feeling. Everyone is packed in together squashed between the mountain and the sea.

I tell you to stay here in the summer would be one of the most fabulous weeks that you could ever have. It has it all- Views, mountains, sea beaches, great food, great walks…..I would love to bring my family here in the summer for the month.

I went riding on a motorbike with the lovely Rosella from Amalfi town who was showing me the some more fabulous apartments for Passion for Italy. An experience which was simply – one of the most fabulous I have ever had!!

I am scared of heights so riding up to Ravello took a lot of courage to do but I knew it to be one of the most beautiful settings in the world… so I decided to not allow myself to think. I decided to not worry about the fact that if we came off we would go over the edge with the sheer drop of a kilometre below either in the sea or … well that would be better… no? So I sat back and put my life in the hands of experienced rider Rosella . I figured she had ridden the road a thousand times and she was still alive so…. And the views were simply breathtaking. Here in the course of a few days here my breath has been taken away many times.

It was an incredibly exciting ride and at times really scary that I had to just close my eyes for a second (eg when riding up the middle of traffic on the wrong side of the road- but I am a tad used to that from riding on a motorbike in Naples). At these times my attitude is…. well if I am to die right here – what a great place to die in!!!

Now this does not happen to me often so it is a good measure of the stunning beauty.!! I must say having owned a motorbike when at University the curving roads are a biker’s dream. It also avoids the traffic that piles up when going around bends. The road is not wide enough for a bus and a car to pass each other on the bends so the car usually has to back up. As usual yesterday there was an Italian tantrum thrown about who should back up and they were going at it hammer and tongs. Meanwhile the traffic jam they were causing by standing in the middle of the road arguing…..!!! This is Italy and never ceases to amuse me.

The Italians love a bit of excitement and when there is a commotion they all come over to listen and join in the (party) argument. I have discovered a good way to shut an Italian up when in an argument where they keep going on and on… All you have to say is “Firma la Bocca” – Shut the mouth!! Ha Ha!! I do not think they have ever been told this before in their lives because they immediately stop in surprise!! An Italian who is annoyed and arguing reminds me of a Kookaburra. They make such as noise but if you yell at them and tell them to shut up- they immediately stop!!! And then – ah peace!!!