Milan is the capital of the Lombardia region and center of industry for all the northern regions in Italy. It is the town where they host the large “Fiere“, the industry trade shows which many people travel all over the world to see.

Milan is also the city for fashion where the catwalks are the prestige place to be seen and to spend. This is the city for shopping. All the big Italian labels are based in Milano. Read Shopping in Milan.  The most beautiful building in the city is the Duomo – Cathedral. The home of opera and the famous La Scala Theatre.

However if you are keen on design of all kinds, this is the place to be. There is an interesting design museum to see and Milanese furniture design is renowned throughout the world for its chic and latest trends as are the Milanese people. They are sophisticated and smooth and life is fast paced here. Milan is what one would call a modern city.

In Milan We Reccommend…

Stay in the city center at our Boutique design Hotel where you can catch a tram or walk to all the museums. A must visit is to Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”, one of the world’s most famous paintings which is actually painted on a wall rather than a canvas.

Plan your trip around one of the many ‘fiere’ (trade fairs) if you are in business. There are many to choose from to suit your industry or we can search them for you.
Go to the design museum. See the Opera at one of the world’s most famous opera houses where all the great opera singers are based. We can book the tickets for you (six months ahead only). To sing at La Scala is the ultimate for all opera singers in the world. We have organised some great opera tours for our clients.

Sign up to become a client and receive our list of all the great Epicurean restaurants and the latest chic bars where it is seen to be seen. Have an incredible cocktail with the best aperativo food before and  taste some of the amazing grappas after dinner.

And last but by no means least, Milan is a shopaholics Mecca, home to some of the world leading designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Armani and Prada. Sign up and receiving our Milan shopping guide so you do not waste precious time wandering the streets or we can organise a private shopping tour for you with a guide who knows the in places and the places for a bargain.

Getting There And Around

From Malpensa Airport
Bus – the Malpensa Shuttle connects Malpensa airport and Milan’s central train station.

Train – the Malpensa Express connects the airport and Stazione Nord (then take the metro to the central train station or the city centre).
Around Town- Walking is the best way to get around for the main central sights. The metro or the tram is the best way to get between districts, or to sights further out of the centre.


Milan is the capital of the Lombardia region, in North West Italy.

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