This spring I had the opportunity to experience the area of Trastevere in Rome, on our Jewish Ghetto Walking Tour, with one of our expert private guides. Laura, our guide was amazing, she has the ability to  sharing her passion for art and history with you.

I was amazed to hear about past  and the history that was lived in that area, stories of saints, martyrs and of rich and poor families. I got involved so much that my mind was travelling all the time, imagining what it would be like to live there at that time, in the heart of the culture that founded an Empire.

Trastevere is so fascinating, with its  little and narrow streets, the irregular medieval houses, the craft shops and all the small restaurants called Taverne or Trattorie were you can taste dishes of the typical Roman cuisine. Trastevere represents today one of the most authentic area of Rome and where you can feel the real Roman life.

We visited these churches there, Basilica Santa Maria di Trastevere, Santa Cecilia and Basilica di San Crisogono. All three are beautiful and full of art and treasures, the third one has been a surprise. There is an underground Rome that is less known, of a very ancient past, the origins of Rome. Once inside this church, you can follow a narrow staircase that bring you down the floor, and you will descend into the Early Christian Basilica, constructed about 1600 years ago, where even some frescoes have been found. So amazing to be there, an underground treasure, I can’t believe that it is so well preserved.

We left Trastevere, passing though Isola Tiberina, the  little island inside Tevere river. We stood on the bridge to admire the beautiful view from the river. From there we reached the Jewish Ghetto,the oldest one in the world. Close to the Synagogue and Jewish Museum, you will see a building called Portico D’Ottavia that stands there since the II century BC. All around a lot of typical restaurants where you can experience both the Kocher cuisine or  Italian.

In the Jewish ghetto, you will find one of the most beautiful fountains of Rome “ The Turtle Fountain”, the turtles were made by the famous sculptor Bernini! It is an eclectic and beautiful example of art, made in a time where fountains were like our car today, a status symbol of rich families.

I think that the Ghetto is one of the hidden treasures of Rome, I felt a different atmosphere, compared to the rest of the city, more intimate and less touristy. I highly recommend that if you  have more than three  days in Rome ( or at second visit to Rome ) to go there, you will be both surprised and fascinated.

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