Experiencing the Italian food and wine specialties of the region is the perfect way to start a journey to get to know Italy, from its land to its people and history. One of the joys of travelling in Italy is the immense diversity of culture, that one encounters from region to region and their amazing recipes. Foccacia in Liguria, Mozzarella di Bufalo and Pizza in Naples,  Truffles in Florence, Risi e Bisi in Venice and on it goes…

Wine touring has become Italy’s third greatest attraction, after beaches and art. Each year over 3 million tourists travel through the vineyards, to sample the wines and meet the producers. Italy’s annual “Cantine Aperte” or open cellars brings 750,000 visitors in a single day.

Be guided by our local Italian wine experts and discover the wineries where some of the world’s most prized Italian wine is produced, from the Chianti Wine Region and the Montepulciano red wine Region in Tuscany, Valpolicella and Prosecco Wine Regions in Veneto as well as Sicily with its ancient heritage in viticulture.

We can also tell you the restaurants where you can find quality cuisine and where the locals eat, from the little family run trattoria, to the best international restaurants. Italians are passionate about their food.

When you become a client of Passion for Italy Travel we will give you a list of restaurants for each town that are recommended by the experts themselves – the local inhabitants.

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Why the Italian lifestyle has got it right!

  • 10:23 am

After working with Italians for many years, I cannot help but be jealous of their lifestyle. Every time I return from Italy, I am determined to try to adapt the same routine that I […]

Siena Cooking Wine 117

  • 12:52 am

Just outside Siena, a taste sensation cooking course, with wine tasting to accompany your Tuscan meal which you have cooked yourself. Taught by experienced chefs who have a knowledge of Tuscan flavours deep inside them. Located in Tuscany on […]

A Villa in Tuscany

  • 8:09 pm

A week in Tuscany is simply a wonderful holiday. To book a villa or apartment even if there is only two of you, is one of the best things you can do when travelling […]

Culture of Food in Italy

  • 6:00 am

Why Italian food is voted one of the best in the World!

Italian food culture is different to other countries I have visited. It used to annoy me at first that Italians talk about food […]

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

  • 11:50 pm

A wine tasting at a beautiful vineyard is one of the quintessential attractions of Tuscany.  Passion for Italy is proud to send our clients to a special winery near the charming medieval town of […]

Chianti Wine Region What To see

  • 9:39 am

The Chianti Wine Region in Tuscany is winding roads, small towns, beautiful scenery and rows and rows of grape vines. There are four main towns to visit, and two small hamlets. Allow at least […]

Veneto Tour Package 335

  • 7:08 am

Touring the Veneto – Venice, Padua, Verona and Lake Garda Italy

11 day Itinerary which offers a leisurely introduction to Venice and the above towns to explore the Veneto  region of Italy with something for everyone. A […]

San Gimignano, Tuscany

San Gimignano is a small hill-top town in Central Tuscany. It is a tourist magnet, but we love it just the same! Its famous towers (once numbering 72, now only 14 remain), its cobble-stoned […]

Il Veneto Wine Regions

  • 2:22 pm

The wines from the hills above Verona dominate the wine scene in the Veneto region. This region has 20 recognised zones for production, with grapes including Corvina, Rondinella, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon (reds); and Garganega, […]

Lunch Tuscan Vineyard 409

Tuscan Reds with Dinner or Lunch – Taste 13 Wines
Lunch or dinner in a fabulous Tuscan winery with wine tasting of 13 wines, located just outside the medieval town of San Gimignano, Italy in […]

Chianti Cooking & Wine 287

  • 9:48 pm

Amazing cooking course on a beautiful winery and estate set in the Chianti Wine Region of Tuscany in the countryside outside San Gimignano.

This course is all about having fun while learning about the magnificent […]

Itinerary Naples Campi Flegrei Amalfi 245

  • 12:08 am

A great Southern Italy Itinerary, in the region of Campania, 12 nights, visiting Naples, Campi Flegrei, Isle of Capri on the Bay of Naples and Amalfi, Positano and  Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. If you […]

Tuscany Tour from Rome 264

  • 1:44 am

Group minibus full day tour departing from Rome to the beautiful Val d’Orcia in Tuscany visiting the small medieval villages of Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza in the Brunello and Montepulciano wine regions with wine tastings. Pick up […]

Venice to Como Package 246

  • 12:38 am

A leisurely tour for 13 nights across Northern Italy, from Venice to Lake Como organised and customised for you by Passion for Italy.  Staying in 4 star accommodation, you will learn about food, wine, art and history as […]

France Mayes discusses Tuscany

  • 4:30 am

It is terrible to not have the time to blog. I would love to be able to have the time to write like Francis Mayes from “Under the Tuscan Sun” fame and other books […]

Tuscany day Trips – Chianti Wine Region

  • 12:18 pm

In this series of blogs we will highlight some of our favourite day trip destinations in Tuscany – the Chianti Wine Region

When we think of Tuscany, it is often the rolling hills, valleys and vineyards […]

Spring – Artichoke Season in Italy

  • 6:18 am

I always seem to write articles about food when down here on the gulf of Napoli at Pozzuoli. It is because the Italians are obsessed with food and what they are going to eat […]

How much does it cost to eat out in Italy?

  • 11:37 am

I travelled to Rome, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Venice and Sicily on my recent visit to Italy in September and October. Over my 5 week stay, my travelling companion and I spent, on average, 40 […]

Food Simple and Pure in Italy

  • 11:01 pm

What I love about the spring in Italy is that the air is so soft – dolce.  What I love about living in small villages anywhere in the world, is that people have time […]

Eating Out in Italy

  • 3:58 pm

I always encourage my clients travelling in Italy to eat at the local restaurants where there are lots of local Italians and no tourists. However this means venturing into waters unknown where there could […]

Perugia’s Festival for Lovers of Chocolate Italy

  • 11:13 am

The International Eurochocolate festival of Perugia is undoubtedly one of the most sought after Chocolate Festivals amongst Italians and chocolate lovers alike.The Umbrian capital will turn into a huge open-air chocolate shop! View our Perugia […]

Prosecco Wine Region Italy

Springtime is magical season in the Prosecco Wine Region, north of Venice Italy,when the gentle sloping hills are surround by the colors, scents and flavours of the wine of the harvest. Prosecco is a […]

Valpolicella Wine Region Italy

Located in northeastern Italy, to the east of Lake Garda , the Valpolicella scenic vineyards, start in the fertile plain and climb up to the hills, north of Verona, offering a magnificent view over […]

Maremma, Tuscany

Maremma is the beautiful country of South Western Tuscany. This area has verdant green, rolling hills dotted with small villages and farmlands and sandy beaches. This is also a big archaeological area for Etruscan […]

Montepulicano Wine Region

Montepulciano is a village in the Val d’Orcia, south eastern Tuscany, which would have to be one of the prettiest towns in the whole of Italy and is the place for lovers of fine […]

Chianti Wine Region Tuscany

The word Chianti evokes images of sloping Tuscan hills cultivated with vineyards and glasses generously filled with the famous red Italian wine Chianti Classico. A territory steeped in history and tradition, where, for centuries, […]

Tuscany – La Toscana

Tuscany is one of the most popular and romantic tourist destinations in Italy. One dreams of rolling green hills covered with vineyards as well as hill top medieval villages and ancient fortified towns and […]

Cooking Class Valpolicella 68

  • 9:25 pm

Enjoy the flavours of the Valpollicella Wine Region with this hands-on cooking class held at a large historical wine estate, that has been in the same family for twenty generations over the last six centuries. […]

Cooking Ravello, Amalfi C. 88

Fantastic cooking organic course in the spellbinding village of Ravello high on the Amalfi Coast with views over the sea. Select the vegetables straight from the organic garden.

This three-hour hands-on cooking class is held […]

Sorrento Epicurean Tour 58

  • 7:54 pm

Private Sorrento Epicurean Tour for foodies, full day departing from Naples port or Sorrento Hotel in Campania Italy, where you will view the production process and taste the end product of Olive Oil, Wine tasting […]

Private Tour Guide Italy 56

We have a number of local private guides in each city displayed on www.pfitravel  who specialise in different aspects. . The guides we use, are licensed under the Italian Government, which ensures they are professionals […]

Chianti & Castles Wine Tour 17

  • 9:56 pm

Chianti and Castles small group mini bus tour of the Chianti Wine Region Tuscany including a Tuscan lunch departing from Siena, Tuscany.  Our first stop is under the walls of the Castello di Brolio, […]

Siena Brunello Wine Tour 9

  • 9:51 pm

Brunello di Montalcino Wine Tour, small group mini bus tour departing from Siena or San Gimignano. Brunello di Montalcino wine is considered one of the best red wines in Italy. It has its ancestral roots in […]

Tuscan Villa Cooking Class 12

  • 9:48 pm

Spend a wonderful day in a beautiful villa in the Chianti countryside learning about the regional cuisine of Tuscany. The cooking school is one of Italy’s oldest, and the villa, a former Abbey, is […]

Tuscany Wine Tour 157

  • 9:22 pm

Private Tuscany wine tours with an Italian wine expert through the Chianti Wine Region and/or the Montepulicano wine region Tuscany. The tours are for those who want to relax, learn about wine making and wine tasting in Tuscany, […]

Tuscany Week Cooking Course 43

Our intense week long, Italian Cooking Course, Tuscany  is designed to give you a traditional experience of Italian love for cooking and for pure food. Along the six days of our cooking classes, in preparing […]

Tuscany Cooking Classes 42

  • 9:01 pm

Italian Cooking Classes in a traditional Tuscan villa outside Florence. Both introductory courses for those who cannot cook and advance lessons for the kitchen chef and foodie who wishes to learn new skills. You can […]

Tuscany & Piemonte Food Wine Package173

  • 4:57 pm

Food and Wine 10 day Tour Package Sept 23-3 Oct, 2019 in the best wine regions of Tuscany and Piemonte regions of Italy.  Are you a wine and food connoisseur?  Get ready to savour […]

Food Wine 10 Days Sicily 174

  • 4:18 pm

11 Day Food and Wine Package 8-18 October, 2019  through Sicily, Italy limited to 12 people.  Tour is led by the Master of Wine  in search of  sensory indulgence in the wine and food of […]