When I  work in Florence to make contact with the wonderful staff of the Passion for Italy Florentine hotels, I just love simply to stroll around the center and look up at the magnificent architecture.  I must say I think that Florence is taking over number one stance rivalling Roma as my favourite city in Italy.!!

I also like to walk to a part of the city that I have never been before. There is always a lovely little shop bar or restaurant to discover.

I always judge this by the number of time your breath gets taken away e.g. when you turn a corner and there in your view is the most amazing building of sublime architecture and sculpture!! This has happened to me many times this week.

Sometimes I find it overwhelming and very emotional. Such beauty and such creation by amazing human beings who have built these incredible structures in the past. ( Yes I know they had slaves and yes those slaves were very good)!! All I can say is thank God for the Medicis and those who decided to put their money into wonderful art instead of war!!

If you are a lover of culture, architecture, art exhibitions and classical music then Florence is the place for you.. Home of the renaissance man and woman – there is so much to see and so many beautiful shops to browse through.

I walked around the whole city today – each area has its charm or its famous, must see museum or statue and yes the queues at the Uffizi have not changed – always a mile long.

Book our Ufizzi Guided Tour – it is worth all the tea in china or should I say –  all the paintings in the Uffizi as queuing for that long – your legs are already tired before you go in.

The Galleria Uffizi is a very large museum with thousands of paintings so it is wonderful to have guide to explain what they are and to gain information about the periods and the artists.

Photo – Chiesa di Santa Croce by Antonio Ruffaldi Santori,  ARS fotografia, Arcidosso, Tuscany