Campi Flegrei is the peninsula on the right of the horseshoe-shaped bay of Naples in the region of Campania. The islands of Ischia and Procida lie just off the coast of Pozzuoli -to arrive you take the ferry from the port of Pozzuoli.

It is thought to be the first settlement on mainland Italy by the ancient Greeks in 1200 BC at Cuma, followed by the Etruscans and then the Romans.

The remains of this ancient city is still there in the grand Archeological Park of Cuma with all the levels to be seen and featuring the amazing cave of Sybilla – the Antro or Bocca di Sibilla.

If you are a lover of Archaeology as well as Volcanology, then this is the place to be. See Rione Terra  the Roman village in Pozzuoli where excavations are taking place – take our guided tour. Go scuba diving in the underwater submerged Roman city of Baia to see the statues under the water in the Roman Villas.

There are so many ancient archaeological sites that are constantly being uncovered- an archeologist’s dream if only the funding could be there – the whole small area is layered on a Greek, Etruscan, Roman foundation then 2000 years of modern living. See our article about Velia – a greek and Roman city that has been excavated over recent years by Archaeologists and their students from the University of Napoli.

It is and was a popular area to live due to the natural beauty of the Peninsula jutting out into the Tirrennian sea, the sea and island views are spectacular.

The comunes of Pozzuoli and Bacoli govern the area. The views from lighthouse from the Cape of Miseno, out over the gulf of Pozzuoli and Napoli as well as the islands, are simply stunning. The cliffs made of tufa give the area a spectacular beauty as well as preserving the ancient marble from bygone times.

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Cuma Archaeological Park Campi Flegrei

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Private Guided Tour of Rione Terre Pozzuoli, Campania.  Rione Terra Roman Village, is the ancient village below of the ancient historical center of Pozzuoli on the bay of Naples, Campania. The village was abandoned in the 1970s, due to an earthquake but now is being restored.  This is a private guided tour for two hours showing three levels of civilisation, with an incredible excavation revealing below the underground Roman city. If you love archaeology and ancient history this is the place to go.

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