There are some places where time seems to pass more slowly … I have this feeling every time I walk in Burano, Italy. Burano is one of the largest islands of the Venetian lagoon, after Venice, famous for the old art of the lace.

It is also the most colorful of the islands, every house is painted in beautiful pastel colors, different shades that makes each house unique and different to the others.

There are many legends about the colours of the houses, but the funniest is that the wives of the fishermen began painting their homes luminous colours to distinguish between them so that their husbands could see them even in in thick fog and find easily their homes and especially their women…in the wee early hours after a hard night out in the boat; before, when they were all the same colour – they often stumbled into the wrong house and into the bed of the wrong woman….God forbid!!

You can breathe the spirit of Venice (water, bridges, typical piazzas ..) but in a more intimate and less touristy dimension, by contact with the local inhabitants. I suggest to stroll away from the main piazza, where you will find a real labyrinth of coloured buildings with freshly washed linen hanging hanging between them blowing in the breeze.

Often I pause to observe the beautiful rooftops, thinking about what a wonderful view from above they must enjoy.

If you plan to go to Burano, before returning to Venice, don’t forget to stop at one of the bakeries and buy the typical Burano’s biscuits, called Bussolà or Buranelli, … a very simple recipe but delicious and tasty, you will find it only here in Burano.

Sabrina Barro Blog and Photo.