I attended the Andrea Bocelli concert at his Teatro di Silenzio at Lajatico, Tuscany. It is an all day effort to get there for many of the ten thousand that attend from all over the world. Andrea gives the proceeds of this concert to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation to fund poor countries in need of essential services like unpolluted water. Terrible hey that people still do not have access to healthy water- would it not be a lovely world if we fixed these problems for all before we built false islands filled with five star hotels….! but back to the incredible Bocelli – the voice from heaven!

He sang many arias that would have been unknown to the general fans expecting renditions of his popular CDs. Myself- I loved the music being an opera buff but if you are not, I think one would have been disappointed- maybe he is trying to introduce the world to opera but I was annoyed that many people surrounding me chatted which only served to frustrate me- are people so uneducated these days to not know that you do not talk during a concert…! The woman next to me even had her mobile phone on checking messages- so offensive to both Bocelli and me but the unmannered seem to be everywhere these days!

To prehaps offset this and to keep the general masses entertained and off their mobile phones….the concert theme was “Le Cirque” acrobatic performers and dancers along the lines of Cirque de Soleil so it was a grand spectacular including laser light shows, prancing horses and two elephants graced the stage with the Songs from the opera Aida – dear graceful, big things oh if they could only be out running in the wild in Africa where they belong.

Personally, I would have preferred vintage Bocelli having seen him three times before, but as it is a concert for ten thousand people, I am sure most people were wowed. The accompanying opera singers were amazing as was the huge orchestra and choral singers from Genoa. And the money certainly goes to a good cause.

The concert is on every year the last Saturday in July. If you would like to book now for 2017 contact us and we will organise accommodation and transfers to the concert for you.