The Aeolian Islands in Sicily, Italy in the Italian spring and summer and autumn are one of the most delightful places in the world to escape for a holiday. This area is much warmer than the rest of Italy.  Visiting this area when in Sicily is a must. If you are burnt out with the world, this is the place to rent a villa for a month. However stay away in August when the Italians themselves descend.

Often called ‘The Seven Pearls of the Mediterranean”, the Aeolians are off the north east coast of Sicily.  Filcudi and Alicudi are wild and untamed; Salina is secluded and isolated; Lipari and Panarea are busy and popular with tourists and Vulcano and Stomboli are active volcanos with explosions of fire and stone.  Lipari is the largest and main commercial capital.

Panarea the smallest, has become the playground of the jetsetters and resembles a greek island with its whitewashed houses. Crystal waters suitable for snorkeling, little timeless fishing villages where life has always been the same; the Aeolian islands are a must visit, even for a day when in Sicily.

Visit the place on Panarea where the “Il Postino’ was filmed, the beautiful film just completed by the wonderful Neopolitan actor, Massimo Troisi who died before the film was published.

Take a boat tour at night to Stromboli the active volcano at night to see the Sciara dei Fuoco ( Trail of Fire) erupting in red. 21-24 August is the Feast of St. Bartholomew with parties, processions and fireworks in Lipari.

Sign up as a client of Passion for Italy and we can organise the following activities for you.
-Boat cruise around the islands
– Volcano climbing day tour
– Museum of Archeology on Lipari – one of the most interesting archeologicial museums in Sicily which has amazing Etruscan artifacts and jewelry.

Area in Sicily

Aeolian Islands are found north east of Messina from which you take the ferry. Contact us to organise a day tour of the Islands.

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