A Welcoming Retreat in the Heart of Tuscany:

Driving up the little road to reach the Borgo, one can already feel the stress of life melting away into ancient landscapes framed in cypress trees.  Peace begins to saturate your soul.

The moment you arrive, the smiling faces of Doriana and Ditmira welcome you home in this land of unimaginable beauty.  As they personally introduce you to your apartment or villa, the neighborhood kittens purr and play, trotting happily along with you.

Open the door, and a comforting scent immediately greets you.  Centuries of warmth from the fireplace, and fresh bread baked in the kitchen.  It even smells like home.

Hand painted tiles line Tuscan kitchen walls.  A bottle of local wine and olive oil are ready on the counter, and on the table a basket of fruit out of a Caravaggio still life sits waiting to be enjoyed.

Wooden beams, tile floors, pomegranate trees and jasmine remind you that this is Tuscany, and it’s better than your dream.

Follow the spiral staircase up, pass through a walkway lined in rosemary and olive trees and you arrive at the infinity pool overlooking the breathtaking hills and valleys of the Val d’Orcia.

Come back at night with your bottle of wine and bask under the starry night sky.

In the morning light, a pink glow covers the verdant hills and reflects off the stone walls.  Everything is aglow in sunlight.

It was in the morning on our way to explore the nearby towns that we met the Contessa’s granddaughter to visit the larger villa just down the road.

She told us of her daughter’s wedding here, of the history, of the hundreds of years of love and life that have passed through these homes and lands.

We both stood with tears in our eyes overwhelmed by the beauty, history, and passion for this place. Hers instilled from birth, and mine from this very moment.

Speaking with everyone here, whether the Contessa and her family, or the incredible staff, we felt we’d gained a family in Tuscany.  And we’d found our hearts a home there.

Doriana explained to us that once people come here, they keep coming.  Her favorite part is watching children grow up as they return year after year.

When you come to this place it becomes a part of you.  A perfect home base to explore Tuscany’s infinite charms, and a welcoming retreat for a weary soul.

The entire Borgo exudes peace and contentment, kindness and love.  A healing mix of everything good in this world.  An enchanting feeling that surpasses even the majestic views.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect destination for a wedding, a relaxing honeymoon, or a charming home base in Tuscany, this place and these people will fill your heart with joy.

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Lindsay Sinko,

Passion for Italy Travel, USA