While the cites of RomeFlorence and Venice are amazing, I suggest if you travel to Italy getting out to the country or seaside villages to experience the lifestyle there where the locals are not jaded by tourists. It must be very hard to be a local in those big cities when a huge tour group of fifty people come screaming towards you and you have to step off the footpath in your town where you pay the taxes.

Many tourists are not considerate of the locals and this needs to be asserted always by the tour leaders when guiding a big group. Remember always that you are a guest in their country and that shouting louder does not make them understand a foreign language. When I hear tourists doing this I want to go up and tell them to pull their head in.

Try studying a foreign language yourself and see how hard it is especially if you are older. Do not expect people to speak English and it is only the workers who are in the tourism sector that usually can and then often not too good!!. Most locals of a certain age cannot speak English. They speak their local dialect and Italian so two languages usually.

Also the Wifi in Italy can often come and go due to not enough mobile towers and the thick walls of the marble historical buildings that you are likely to stay in with Passion for Italy hotels in the historical centers. It is not the receptionist’s fault if the Wifi does not work – it is the mobile phone company’s fault. The locals often have a hard time getting basic services to work even in their own homes especially in the south of Italy.

So I would suggest use your holiday in Italy as also a holiday from electronic devices. Instead of cruising the internet in your hotel at night, get out , buy a wonderful gelato and walk in the local piazza. This is the dolce vita – the sweet life- talk to some of the local people and ask them about their town and their favourite foods. Italians love talking about food and what they ate for lunch. It is their favourite topic.