While I love the whole of Italy – every region has its own jewels but a lot of people ask me what is my favourite part.
My response is what sort of holiday do you want. Young people usually wish to view a little bit of each of the famous spots but for middle aged people who are usually overworked and exhausted by their lifestyles, I would suggest renting a villa in Tuscany for the week and doing little day trips out to the beautiful villages.

Passion for Italy promotes slow travel which means we like to book you into a central village for 3 or 4 days and to do day trips out from there because when you change regions it takes half a day from check in to check out. Moving is also quite stressful as dont forget there are 60 million people in a small country. The trains are usually packed to the rafters and dont have enough space for large suitcases.

It also depends on what you like doing and seeing. For example if you are an art lover then the big cities, Turin, Florence, Venice, Milan and Rome and Naples are the places for you. If you love the sea then Amalfi Coast, Puglia Sardinia, Cinque Terre and Portofino. Food and wine then Tuscany, Piemonte, Valpollicella and Prosecco wine regions, in Il Veneto and Sicily.

For those interested – my favourite villages are Ravello Amalfi Coast; Taormina, Sicily, Montepulciano, Tuscany and I enjoy all the big six cities, as they are all each so different and offer individual pleasures but Rome has a special place in my heart as I love the Roman history. I could easily live permanently in Rome.  However I find Naples the most fascinating as it never ceases to surprise me. One can never get bored in Naples. It is dynamic!!

Ask Passion for Italy Travel what we suggest to match your interests and desires.
by Gemma Green Close