Sometimes I think to myself – what makes my passion for Italy? This god forsaken land as far as jobs go for the young people! Italy is like a land I have always known. Maybe I lived there in a past life I dont know…In this world there is more than our brain or meets the eye. Have you ever felt you have landed in a place that you can call home. That is how I feel about Italy. My home country is Australia but in Italy I feel like I have come home. I don’t know why. You tell me!!

It is simple – it is like the past when you grew up – nothing has changed in five hundred years. Mamma is there to meet you and cook for you and nuture you. No really this is the fact. If you want to step backwards into a time before the internet before mass media – come to Italy. You can escape the mad world and go back to time before it began.

An Italo Australian friend of mine┬ásays to me that she lives in Italy because she loves seeing all the washing flapping on the lines. True! A simple life – great food – great love – great passion! and ain’t that what life is all about – a bit of passion?

What more can I say – this is it in a nutshell.