My idea when organising a holiday for my clients is to encourage them to save money on some things and then lash out big time at least once on their trip and spend – either for one hotel or an special anniversary or a magnificent restaurant known for its quality of food. If your budget is a little stretched then in those cities where you are going to be just sleeping in the room and out all day there is no use spending big money.

However this is the place to spend money ….. eg if you have an early flight in Rome where you have to leave at 5.00 am – dont trust a taxi – it might not turn up and Rome is deserted at that time of the morning – no one is up. Book a transfer with us for peace of mind and so you can sleep well.  We work with great trusted transfers and lovely people always. If one of our suppliers is not nice or good,  we dont work with them as this is really important to us…

Remember the waking every hour in case the alarm does not go off and then you are tired on your flight?!  Also book a wake up call with the hotel just in case your phone alarm does not go off… If you have an day flight then just ask a your reception to ring a taxi at least half an hour before you wish to leave.

Also don’t waste money eating in terrible tourist trap resturants just because you are hungry. With a bit of planning you will get a great meal for little money with great food as compared to those that just rip off tourists with poor quality and add-ons that you have not bargained for. It is really worth your time to do this in Italy. Follow the Italians is what I say….

So dont go out until 8.30 for a meal as that is when the Italians will be eating. Only go to restaurant where there are a lot of Ialian and not only tourists.. Or look up our Passion for Italy travel guides and our restaurants listed. Italian restaurants and their chefs do not change as often as the other english countries due to the shortage of employment – so what was good 2 years ago will probably still be good now in Italy.

However as Passion for Italy Travel has so many magnificent places to choose from I suggest that at least in one city you lash out and treat yourselves to stay in a magnificent place.  If you cannot justify the costs then go and have a cocktail at the place you would love to stay and soak up the atmosphere before you head out to dinner. For a cocktail I can recommend some amazing places just ask us. See us here at the amazing Four Seasons Hotel in Florence above… See if you can pick which one is me? Ha ha!!

I like to give my clients a variety of accommodation. In a B&B you get to meet the locals. In a large five star you get to the star treatment. In a four star your receptionist will look after you and in a three star we try to choose the best in the city that we can. However in Rome… I am always quite disappointed.

It seems the Romans hotels and their staff are burnt out as 20 million tourists go through the city every year and I keep asking them to pick up their act!! The Venetians seem to be a lot better and Florence depends on the season. In summer it is just too hot so dont expect the three star treatment then!! and in august well …all the Italian staff are at the beach with their families and the hotels and shops are simply depleted everywhere. If you can afford it book a four star if not ….Don’t book flights for August before you speak to Passion for Italy Travel!!