Sites in Italy:

Italy has a strange affect on its visitors. Among millennia of history, life, and beauty there, the senses in Italy become heightened.

In Italy, you begin to experience sights, scents, tastes, touches, sounds, as if you’ve never felt them before. This month, we’ll focus on all of them, starting of course with beauty your eyes will behold in Il Bel Paese.

What is there to say about the sights of Italy? Pick a color, and you will find it at its most beautiful, and in every shade in Italy.

For me, no beauty overwhelms like deep, turquoise waters of the sea of Sardegna, or how they sparkle in sunlight. From the darkness of a hidden cave, the colors are too gorgeous to believe. Yet, there you are, immersed in their depths.

Stroll through a garden on the Amalfi Coast, overlooking the stunning blue of the sea below, the scene charmingly framed by bright lemons and soft wisteria.

Clamor into a little boat and lie back as you’re squeezed into the Blue Grotto, glowing in a color so celestial, it must come from Heaven itself.

Go for a drive in the countryside, Tuscan greens unfolding in rolling hills, dotted with terracotta villas. Grape vines cling to hillsides, happily enjoying their views.

Wander Roman lanes at night, and see how these ancient buildings, some in ruins, some still in use today, glow golden in the moonlight.

Wake early in Venice, and watch the misty, lavender sunrise spread into peach and reflect in the canals, a living watercolor.

It is no wonder that the Renaissance artists with beauty all around them created some of the most moving artworks of all time.

Gaze into the eyes of Michelangelo’s David, the angelic faces of Raphael, Botticelli’s Venus, born of the sea, and see how their art has stood the test of time.

I can’t begin to tell you how my eyes burn to see these places again. Some beauty is to great to simply see, you can feel it. Italy is not just a place you go, it comes home with you, and becomes a part of you forever.

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Lindsay Sinko,
Passion for Italy Travel, USA