The region of Campania is one of the most beautiful in Italy with spectacular coastlines surrounding the gulf of Napoli with the Pontine Islands, Procida, Ischia and the famous Capri lying out from the bay. Around from the Amalfi coast you can find Acropoli -another area that is yet undiscovered with crystal clear waters and not many tourists. We am not telling anyone about this area as we do not want it to be discovered.

In this region you will also find the spectacular Amalfi coast with the delightful villages of Positano, Amalfi, Minori Maiori and on the way you will see the beautiful town of Sorrento – the home of lemons and lemoncello liqueur. There are so many things to see and do particularly in the summer if you can take yourself away from the beach parties!!

But on a clear sunny day one can see from the cliffs of Capri a view out over the gulf of Napoli to the islands of Procida and Ischia and the whole of the Amalfi Coast a spectacular feast for the eyes. The Costiera Amalfitana is a great experience in itself and one of the most exciting and beautiful drives in the world around the hair pin bends on the edge of the cliffs that drop straight down to the sea.

Napolitani are a passionate race, they know the true meaning of living for the moment. Napoli- Naples is a beautiful port set on the gulf of Napoli with the great volano Vesuvius & Pompei nearby. Naples is probably the most exciting city in the whole of Italy and one of the oldest. Once you discover Spaccanapoli , the ancient cuore – heart of Naples, it will be an experience that you will never forget.

The once beautiful buildings need a good clean but it is fascinating, challenging and so interesting!!The national museum in Naples is one of the best with all the treasures of Pompei displayed. Opera started here at San Carlo opera theatre and some of the most beautiful tenors in the world are Napolitanni!!

In fact it seems that this area breeds people with beautiful singing voices and musicians and poets with romantic hearts. The napolitanni folk songs are very delightful and entertaining. Napolitanni people have a great sense of humour and are also very good as comedians with the famous Toto and his many movies are still played on Italian television every single day.

Archeaology reins supreme here with the ancient city of Pompei destroyed by the eruption of Vesusvious is a feast for ancient history lovers. As well there is the historical area of Campi Flegrei filled with Roman underground cities. Here you will find  the ancient towns of Pozzuoli where St. Paul stopped and Cuma where the ancient Greeks Etruscans and Romans had their settlements and  built the Bocca di Sibilla. Ask us about the beautiful King’s palace at Caserta and the ancient greek temples at Paestum.

If you are foodie you have to go to Napoli. The home of the salsa di Pomodoro – tomato sauce, pizza, frutti di mare- magnificent seafood and mozzarella di bufala (buffalo). The buffalos graze just outside Naples so it is best eaten fresh that day and once you have tried this you can never eat it anywhere else!!

You will cry when you have to leave the Napolitanni tomatoes the sweetest and tastiest in the world and I consider their Cafe Machiato also the best in the world. Yes that is a strong statement but there you go!!

Campanians are obsessed with the state of their food and seem to talk about nothing else but maybe the gentle mist that sometimes obscures the ogre of Mt Vesuvius towering over them but protects them from the harsh heat of the sun giving them that beautiful bronze coloured skin in the summer.

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Baia Archaeological Park, Campi Flegrei

  • 2:55 pm

The Roman Archaeological park of Baia in Campi Flegrei, Campania east of Naples, is a must see if you love archaeology. It is outstanding and contains two amazing things, the ancient Roman Cistern – […]

Pozzuoli Jazz Festival 2018, Campi Flegrei, Campania

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Pozzuoli Jazz Festival 5- 22 July 2018, (NA) Campi Flegrei, Campania,
Pozzuoli is 40 min by train east from Napoli in Campi Flegrei. Set between the hills and the sea, the Campi Flegrie area has […]

Pozzuoli International Jazz Day

  • 9:58 pm

Pozzuoli International Jazz Day 2018. April 30 and 1 May 2018. Piazza della Repubblica, Pozzuoli, Campania

Association of Jazz and Conversation of Campi Flegrei is organising two days dedicated to music, meeting and sharing music […]

Cuma Archaeological Park Campi Flegrei

  • 8:22 am

Cuma Archaeological Park at Cuma, north west of Naples in the province of Bacoli, is a huge archaeological park the site of the first Greek colony on mainland Italy (Sicily is older) thought to […]

Lucio Dalla Sorrento Caruso

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One of my favourite Italian singers died in 2012 – Lucio Dalla. I have many of his cds and I was very sad to hear of his passing. Such a passionate and emotional singer. […]

Springtime in Italy

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Springtime in Italy is the picture of paradise.  The sweet scents of jasmine and wisteria float on the breeze as they climb ancient ruins and romantic pergolas.

Flavors come to life as fruits and vegetables […]

Pompei Guide & Transfer 415

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Private car transfer return with pickup from Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast to Pompei Archaeological park where your private guide will meet you at the entrance gates for a 2 hour private guided tour of […]

Capri Writers’ Festival

  • 8:07 am

I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful isle of Capri in Campania Italy for the Capri Writers’ Festival and meeting the famous author Erica Jong at the writers festival Le Conversazione held every year […]

Italy – Connect with the Locals

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Remember in Italy, connect with the locals.  One cannot control anything or demand service – this will only make things worse – very different to the West. You have to go with the flow […]

Things to see in Napoli

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Napoli I think is the most interesting city in Italy.  There are so many incredible things to see in Napoli.  Once the center of Culture in Europe there are a number of extraordinary beautiful […]

Praiano, Positano, Amalfi Coast

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The towns of Praiano and Positano on the Amalfi Coast are a must see for an Italian traveller. This area of Italy is a place of beauty and captivating landscapes that should be on […]

Amalfi Coast Guided Walk 307

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The beautiful Path of the Gods – “Sentiero degli Dei” – a wonderful private guided three hour walk in the mountains of the Amalfi Coast, from Bomerano high above Positano, on top of the […]

Motorbiking on Amalfi Coast Italy

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In fabulous Positano, Amalfi Coast, a village built on the edge of the mountain leading down to the sea. Here there are a thousand steps to go anywhere and views to die for. It […]

The Amalfi Coast Italy

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There is something about the Amalfi coast Italy, that I never get tired of. Maybe it is the magical feeling coming off the spectacular mountain range or the crystal sea views…. I don’t know […]

Naples – A Fascinating City

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“See Napoli and Die” – A lot of people when they see that title, they think it signifies the something more terrible. However the quotation is from “Italian Journey “by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, […]

Rione Terra Pozzuoli Tour 255

  • 1:04 am

Rione Terra, is the ancient village of the historical center of Pozzuoli on the bay of Naples, Campania which was abandoned in the 1970s due to bradyseism – the slow rise or descent of […]

Opera at Night in Pompei Archeological Park

  • 7:01 pm

Opera at night in one of the most famous archaeological sites of the world Pompei performed in the amphitheater of Pompei, Campania, Italy – outdoors at night, during the Italian summer in August and September – a thrilling opera […]

Napoli Galleria Borbonica 260

  • 2:10 am

The Galleria Borbonica – Bourbon Tunnel, is a huge tunnel meandering undering the city of Naples. It has huge ceilings so you wont suffer claustrophobia and is clean, well ventilated and lit. This is […]

Naples Campi Flegrei Amalfi 245

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A great Southern Italy Tour, Campania Itinerary, 12 nights, visiting Naples, Campi Flegrei, Isle of Capri on the Bay of Naples and Amalfi, Positano and  Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. If you would like a […]

Campi Flegrei Campania

  • 2:26 am

Campi Flegrei is the peninsula on the right of the horseshoe-shaped bay of Naples in the region of Campania. The islands of Ischia and Procida lie are just there as soon as you catch […]

Velia Campania Ancient City Uncovered

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Experience an archaeological dig in southern Italy! A fantastic day as I had the wonderful experience of seeing an archaeological dig in progress led by Professor Luigi Cicala and his enthusiastic team from the University […]

Isle of Capri Campania

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The isle of Capri in the bay of Naples in region of Campania has always been a mecca for tourists since the eighteen century. And we know why…Stunning views out over the sea in […]

Naples Sculptor Lello Esposito

  • 6:19 am

I had the pleasure of meeting the famous and extemely talented,  Neapolitan (Napoletano) sculptor, Lello Esposito in his amazing studio in Palazzo San Severo, in the ancient quarter of Naples. Famous for his unique […]

Living in Campania Italy then Serendipity

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It is very difficult when you are the only foreigner in a village and you do not know many people and those that you do know you can’t understand their dialect…!! I must say it […]

Ravello Amalfi Coast – Place of Dreams

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Ravello on the Amalfi coast is one of my favourite places in Italy if not the most favourite! Perched high on top of a mountain behind the town of Amalfi,  the views are some of […]

Positano by night Amalfi Coast

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Whilst I love the summer energy and beach-life of Positano by day, I have a particularly soft spot for this beautiful town at night. Positano, like many of the small towns on the Amalfi […]

The Great Artists of Italy

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As I work and travel around Italy every year, I have visited many of the major museums in Italy. On my first visit to the Galleria degli Uffizi in Firenze over 25 years ago, […]

Way down in Pozzuoli, Campania Italy

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Settled now and working from my lovely apartment that I had last time when visiting this region, right on the beach at Pozzuoli on the gulf of Napoli. I can see the isle of […]

Sorrento, Campania

  • 7:42 pm

The best thing about Sorrento is the spectacular cliffs with magnificent panoramic views over the Bay of Naples – Golfo di Napoli and the grand monster of the volcano Mt. Vesuvious – Vesuvio. Sorrento […]

Naples Napoli, Campania

  • 7:30 pm

Compared to Naples, the rest of Italy looks positively sedate and orderly. Neapolitans tend to talk faster, laugh louder, and enjoy food and life more enthusiastically than anyone else on the shores of the Mediterranean. […]

Amalfi Coast Campania

  • 7:21 pm

The beautiful Amalfi Coast in the region of Campania, is one of the most magnificent areas of coastline in Italy. The views out over the sea are simply breath taking. Four days in this […]


  • 12:27 am

The region of Campania is one of the most beautiful in Italy with spectacular coastlines surrounding the gulf of Napoli with the Pontine Islands, Procida, Ischia and the famous Capri lying out from the […]

Pompei from Amalfi 149

  • 10:15 pm

Departing from Amalfi Coast, this comprehensive half-day guided bus and walking tour of Pompei – Italy’s most famous archaeological site is a must-do if your time in the region is limited. The bus will […]

Pompei Half Day Tour 32

  • 10:10 pm

Departing from Sorrento, this comprehensive half-day guided bus and walking tour of Pompei – Italy’s most famous archaeological site is a must-do if your time in the region is limited. In 79 AD Pompei was […]

Cooking Ravello, Amalfi C. 88

  • 8:34 pm

Fantastic cooking organic course in the spellbinding village of Ravello high on the Amalfi Coast with views over the sea. Select the vegetables straight from the organic garden.

This three-hour hands-on cooking class is held […]

Pompei Mt. Vesuvius Tour 33

  • 8:02 pm

This full-day guided bus tour of Pompei and Mt. Vesuvius- the live volcano, departing  Sorrento, Campania and also pickups are available from the Amalfi, Positano and other towns below  on the Amalfi coast on […]

Amalfi Coast Private Tour 23

  • 7:57 pm

Private Day Tour Amalfi Coast with private driver in ,departing Naples or Sorrento, Campania.  Words cannot explain the beauty of the Amalfi Coast you have to see it for yourself …  Our professional drivers will take you on […]

Sorrento Epicurean Tour 58

  • 7:54 pm

Private Sorrento Epicurean Tour for foodies, full day departing from Naples port or Sorrento Hotel in Campania Italy, where you will view the production process and taste the end product of Olive Oil, Wine tasting […]

Capri Anacapri Day Tour 95

  • 7:45 pm

A day devoted entirely to visiting the island of Capri, departing from Sorrento Port. Capri is an island rich in natural beauty, scenic, historical, and social activities that involve the whole world. Pick up […]