Uffizi Gallery in Florence

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is without a doubt one of the most incredible collections of art in all the world.  Whether an art enthusiast or someone who has barely heard of Michelangelo, a tour of the museum helps to bring the history of Florence, Italy, and all the world to life.

Among the first […]

Tuscan Countryside

When in Italy, it pays to wander.  The famous sites are amazing, but never resist the urge to follow a path, just because it is beautiful.  One of the loveliest walks in Italy can be found in the Tuscan Countryside, in Cortona, home of Under the Tuscan Sun.  I found it entirely by mistake.

When […]

Travel in Italy – The Traveller

When the traveler sat down on the sand

and said,

“There is nothing else to see”,

he knew that it was not true.

You need to see what you have not seen,

see again what you have already seen,

to see in spring what you have seen in summer,

to see in the morning what you have seen at night,

with the […]

Venice Biennale 2017 Art Italy

The Venice Biennale art exhibition occurs every two years in Venice Italy. Fabulous art exhibitions from all around the world. Each country has its own pavillion. Venice Biennale 2017 is on again 13 may-26 Nov 2017. Art, Film, Theatre and music festivals abound.

Passion for Italy Travel has some fabulous hotels in Venice for you but […]

Cala Mariolu, Sardinia

There are vacations, and there are life changing journeys.  I challenge anyone to go to Sardinia and come back the same person.  It is impossible.  The water infiltrates your soul, and a part of you will forever be floating in the brilliant blue sea, bathed in sunlight.  Choosing a favorite beach among the most […]

Springtime in Italy

Springtime in Italy is the picture of paradise.  The sweet scents of jasmine and wisteria float on the breeze as they climb ancient ruins and romantic pergolas.

Flavors come to life as fruits and vegetables begin to come into season.  Fruit stands sell fresh produce and squeeze delicious fruit juices to satisfy thirsty guests.

What an […]

Travel in Italy Where to Go

While I love the whole of Italy – every region has its own jewels but a lot of people ask me what is my favourite part.
My response is what sort of holiday do you want. Young people usually wish to view a little bit of each of the famous spots but for middle aged […]

Italy’s Best Beaches, Sardinia

If you are looking for Italy’s best beaches, and in fact some of the best in the world, look no further than Sardinia.
“Questa terra è un altra cosa.  Incantevole spazio intorno e distanza da viaggiare, nulla di finite, nulla di definitive. È come la libertà stessa.”

“This land is something else.  Enchanting spaces and distances to […]

Baroque art in Rome

Rome is full exquisite Baroque masterpieces. A good private guide will be able to introduce you to the special hidden ones, and bring their stories to life. My favorite is The Ecstasy of St. Teresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. In her autobiography, Saint Teresa describes her life changing vision of an angel […]

San Valentino, Verona o Venezia?

San Valentino si sta avvicinando, un giorno in cui si celebra l’amore e gli innamorati. L’Italia è il paese perfetto per festeggiarlo, in veneto in particolare ci sono due città simbolo dell’Amore, la Verona dell’amore romantico e profondo di Romeo e Giulietta, e la Venezia  intrigante e appassionata.

Entrambe le città sono state teatro di […]

Valentine’s Day: Venice or Verona?

St. Valentine’s Day is approaching, a day where we celebrate love and lovers. Italy is the perfect country to celebrate it!  In the Veneto region in particular there are two cities which are the symbols of love – the romantic and deep love of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, and the intriguing and passionate […]

St. Valentine’s Day Florence

Love and romance have long been a part of the history of Florence.  It is love, in fact, that we have largely to thank for the beautifully romantic Italian language.

Italian as we know it today is based on the original Florentine dialect.  Dante rejected the traditional Latin for literature in favor of the vernacular.  […]