Verdi Festival in Parma Italy

For those who love classical music and especially Verdi! the Verdi Festival is on in Parma and Busseto Emilia Romagna Italy 24 September - 18 October 2020.

Christmas Message Passion for Italy Travel

As we come to the closing of another decade in a world of constant change, where people come in and out of our lives through loss in various forms, there is one thing that stays the same and that is – that love is periennial. It affects all life on this planet. Everything responds […]

Making Memories in Italy; The Moments We Live For

Memories in Italy are the most valuable souvenirs we can bring home.

I had a client return from Italy a few weeks ago. She and her husband had taken a special anniversary trip, and neither of them had ever been before. As we discussed the places they went and the people they met along the […]

10 Best Things to do in Italy

A Few of my Favourite Things in Italy
by Allison Spiegel, PFI New York Office

When people ask me what my favourite thing about Italy is…. the song from The Sound of Music begins to play in my head. It is a nearly impossible question to answer because it is not just one thing or one […]

Island of Ischia, Campania

Ischia is the island off the town of Pozzuoli, on the gulf of Pozzuoli and the peninsula of Campi Flegrei and across from the island of Capri. It is often referred to as the mysterious “other” island in the Bay of Naples but thanks to movies such as The Talented Mr. Ripley and the […]

Visiting the Last Supper in Milan

Our tips on Visiting the Last Supper in Milan: For art history enthusiasts, Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper, Il Cenacolo in Italian, is the one of the most important attractions in the whole of Italy. Seeing it in person is unforgettable. Stendhal’s Syndrome at its finest.

Without a doubt, the best way to ensure you get […]

Made in Italy Products Discounts for PFI USA Clients

Passion for Italy. For us the passion does not stop at travel, but extends to a passion for Authentic Italian products of many kinds, wherever we may find them!

A few months ago, a family came to us to help them organize their trip to visit suppliers in Italy. That was exciting for us, because […]

Pozzuoli Jazz Festival Package

Pozzuoli Jazz Festival Package 1 -27 July 2019 If you love jazz as well as all types of music then, this is the place to be! The Pozzuoli Jazz Festival is on every year in July. 22 fabulous concerts of various genres in Campi Flegrei, including Cuma Archaeoloical Park, the Ancient Roman Terme di […]

Pompei Tour with Winery Lunch 466

Transfer from Napoli train station, Guided Private tour of Pompei Archaeological Park then followed by a wine tour at a winery at the foot of  the volcano Vesuvius with a lovely lunch to follow.

After meeting your English-speaking driver for the private transfer, we make the short ride to Pompeii, taking in amazing views of […]

Travel Italy – The Sounds of Italy

There are some Sounds of Italy you can never forget, never quite get over. Laughter is among the top for me. By Lindsay Sinko PFI USA Florida Office.

My husband and I were at the beach a few weeks ago and at the sound of a family’s laughter he and I shot each other a […]

Slow Travel in Italy

Planning a holiday is always challenging, if you do not know anything about a country. However as I myself prefer slow travel, I am always amazed how some people seem to have so much energy to want to run around the country in ten days.

I think the reason for this is that, a lot […]

Villa Jovis, on the Isle of Capri

Are you fascinated by history?  Do you dream of endless sea views far above the crowds? Tiberius’ Villa Jovis on the Isle of Capri is just the place for you!

While tourists fill the shops and beach clubs, Villa Jovis remains tranquil even in high season.  Perfectly suited for adventurous travelers, the villa allows its […]