Meet Our Passion for Italy Team

We have a consultant on the ground on three continents.  We love Italy and want to share our Passion for Italy with you.!!

Gemma Green Close
Gemma Green ClosePassion for Italy Australia
Gemma Green Close is the founding director and owner of Passion for Italy Travel. Gemma has travelled extensively throughout Italy every for thirty years and is passionate about Italy, the Italian people and culture as well as beautiful accommodation in Italy. She tries to view all the beautiful properties on and work closely with their owners.

Gemma works between Italy and head office in Australia so spends a lot of time doing the long haul and is by now an expert in the amazing software used to run a business in the cloud between two countries.

She holds a Science degree with Hons in Biochemistry and A.S.D.A letters. She has also studied B.A. majoring in Italian as well as Italian language study in Rome. Gemma also has a high proficiency in information technology maintaining the large portal of which she has written and contains now over 2000 pages in english and Italian.

Gemma founded Passion for Italy Travel in 2004, to share her expertise with travellers to Italy. She is the editor and publisher of four websites about Italy and has had articles published in newspapers and magazines on a wide variety of topics. She is an avid reader of all books especially about Italy and particularly Italian art, history and opera.

Lindsay Sinko
Lindsay SinkoPassion for Italy USA
Lindsay began travelling at age four with her parents as they led educational tours throughout Europe.  She was captivated by Italy on her fist visit at the age of fifteen.

Since then, she has served as assistant tour leader on many educational tours.  Lindsay has completed a degree in Italian  from the University of Tennessee. She has studied literature from Dante’s Divine Comedy to Petrarch’s Canzoniere in both English and Italian.

Lindsay has a great passion for Renaissance and Baroque art in Italy, as well as Italian music, Italian wines, and Italian seas that shimmer in the sunlight. 

Sabrina Barro
Sabrina BarroPassion for Italy Europe England
Sabrina Barro is Italian, lives in Italy near Treviso, north of Venice, in the prosecco wine area of the Veneto region and consults with our European and British clients and is our expert in the Prosecco region and Venice.
She has an International Business degree majoring in languages and foreign trade from Ca Foscari university in Venice.
Sabrina speaks four languages – Italian, English, French and Spanish and makes a practice by reading the same book in each of the four languages!! Not bad hey?
Even though Sabrina lives in the “bel paese”, she always appreciative of the wonderful art, culinary tradition and history of her country.
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