Please follow the steps to make a payment in Euro currency.

1: Click on the Pay Now button where you will be transferred to the Passion For Italy Paypal account.

2: Then where it says ‘ITEM’, please enter the following details: YOUR NAME

4: Please click the Update button once you entered item description and amount to update your payment details.

5. Kindly pay in Euro currency.

6: If you already are an existing PayPal user then login using your details and make a payment using your Paypal funds

7: If you do not have a paypal account then scroll down and click “Pay by Credit Card Payments” link
You will then be able to fill out your personal details and finalise payment.

8: Once we have received payment, we will send you your receipt.

Note: If you have any difficulties making payments – kindly ring Paypal in your country and they will walk you through the procedure.