Where Location meets Charm in Florence:  Florence, the city of art, fashion, and Dante Alighieri, never ceases to enamor her visitors.  Stay in a centrally located medieval tower for the best introduction to the city’s charms.

Most visitors to Florence arrive by train, and from the station in about 10 minutes a taxi will deliver you to the door of this beautiful hotel.

The city beckons, but don’t miss the opportunity to take the elevator up and see the views before you go exploring!  Maybe even enjoy a cocktail from the stunning rooftop terrace!

Staying central in Florence is the key to falling in love with the city, without becoming overwhelmed.

Walk inside this hotel, and you’re already being welcomed to a place that just feels special.

Find your room and open the curtains.  The Duomo, the Arno, the medieval towers and churches, all there to say Benvenuto a Firenze!

The rooms themselves are comfortable, and spacious, stylishly Florentine, with some of the nicest bathrooms we have found in Italy!

Open your letter, personally signed by the manager, at once a welcome and an invitation to enjoy the free wi-fi and free smart phone as your personal assistant in the city! A nice touch!

Comfortable beds assure a great night’s sleep, but here you don’t want to sleep in!  The breakfast and views from the dining area are irresistible!

Be sure to take the opportunity for dinner in the hotel’s restaurant one night.  After checking into the hotel, it will be no surprise that the service is fantastic and friendly.  But the food is incredible too!

If you want a steak, theirs will thrill you!  But even for the vegetarians like me, there is something special.  My meal that night was Gnudi, made of potato, spinach and cheese, covered in sage and butter… it was among my favorite meals in Italy, and so different!

While you enjoy the local flavors, soak in the sparkling views of the city lights.  All the stunning monuments twinkle in the streets.

As with many Italian cities, Florence comes to life at night.  Music is everywhere, friends are out chatting, and history stands and smiles as if it’s just one of the locals.

Giotto, Brunelleschi, Dante, you, and me… all just hanging out in the piazzas with a cup of gelato.  Spectacular!

Touring the hotel the morning we left, Maria Rita lovingly showed us all of the suites, specially designed to comfort visitors with different needs.

She took special care to show me the suite that had been designed to accommodate a handicapped family, saying that they want to be sure everyone is able to be comfortable in Florence.

Naturally, our conversation turned from beautiful colors to the historic tower, and Maria Rita casually mentioned that it is quite a historic building indeed. Beloved Dante put the family in hell!  Usurers!

I’ve always been fascinated by Dante, so I looked it up.  Sure enough, Canto XVII: “And as I looking came among them, I saw upon a yellow purse azure that had the face bearing of a lion.”  This is the family crest of the Gianfigliazzi family, who once owned this palace.

Firenze e` cosi…  Dozens of medieval towers, of prominent Florentine families, of stories from the past, still very much alive today!

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Lindsay Sinko,

Passion for Italy Travel, USA