Italy is now very popular as a travel destination throughout the whole world. If you dislike crowds I suggest you travel in Autumn and winter as the summers are also very hot as well as very crowded in the summer holidays.

Passion for Italy has some great suggestions for you where to go to escape the heat and the crowds.

Off the beaten track is my new motto for running away from the masses of tour groups that now abound in all the major cities of Italy. We have an Amazing Hotel in Abruzzo which is Unesco heritage listed, where you can inhale the mountain air and see what it was like to live in the past.

Here you can do trekking near Grand Sasso, Abruzzo, the second highest mountain in Italy, have a picnic up on a hillside and you can feast at their restaurant which cooks slow food that is home grown and organic. In November you can also go hunting for truffles.