While Italy is a very safe country in which to travel with very few violent episodes, these are a few points to make sure all goes well.  The Italians (like everyone) do not like aggressive tourists. Locals might give you the wrong directions on purpose if you are nasty so I suggest that you always be polite if you want help with anything from them particularly in restaurants and with taxi drivers or you will be charged more.

When you come into Rome – when you exit outside the front of station, make sure you go to the formal taxi rank outside as there are a lot of taxi hawkers saying they are taxi drivers but they are illegal. So go straight to the line and queue up.

There are also a lot of beggars at the railroad stations and thieves so keep your handbag closed and tucked under your arm on buses, escalators and trains.

There are fake porters at the stations dressed in blue who will offer to carry your bags and then ask for exorbitant money especially at Napoli station. If you need help then barter for the price first.

In Rome dont accept help from the gypsies when using the ticket machine as another might steal your wallet as they are distracting you. Tell them to step back and to go away.

When you are getting onto the trains make sure you get into the end of the carriage which is the luggage compartment as there is usually only one luggage compartment at one end of carriage and not the other end which has the toilet.

Take a small suitcase that you can lift easily as the train steps are very steep and there are a lot of steps everywhere in Italy and very few lifts or none at all at the stations.

If you use a backpack – wear it on the front when at the stations, on buses,  packed public places or escalators.

The historical centers do not cater to the disabled so there are no ramps or wheelchair access hardly at all.

At restaurants don’t hang  your handbag on back of the chair.

Don’t wear white or take a light handbag while sightseeing as the public chairs and benches are often very dirty.

Don’t take clothes that you have to iron as a lot of small hotels and B&B dont offer irons.

For toilet use you go into a café and politely ask to use the toilet or have an expresso or mineral water standing at the bar as there are usually no public toilets in the center. Make sure you have tissues with you as often no toilet paper and antiseptic cleaning soap in your bag as often no soap either.

If you sit down at a bar to have a coffee you pay triple or four times the price – the Italians drink their coffee standing up at the bar.

If you need water in Rome, the fountains are all safe to drink water from and to fill up your water bottle as the water comes in from the famous Roman aquaducts outside Rome in the country.

Dont forget your chargers when you leave the hotel room. If you do then the hotel reception usually has hundreds left over from people just like you.