Treat yourself to a breathtaking journey from Naples to the Amalfi Coast with your own private driver!

Getting to the Amalfi Coast from Naples can be either the most stressful part, or the most enjoyable part of your vacation.  To make sure it’s the best part, let us book you a wonderful, friendly driver and a few stops along the way.

Leaving from Naples, it takes about 30 minutes to reach Pompeii.  With a private driver, you’ll be delivered right at the entrance and picked up outside the exit… and the best part?  Your bags can remain safely in the car while you tour!

Pompeii is incredible, but can make for tired feet at the end!  A refreshing lunch and wine tasting make the perfect follow up!

During the Pompeii tour, see how Vesuvius destroyed the city raining down terror over everyone there.  However, the same volcano that destroyed the city also gives it great riches!

After seeing the dark side of the volcano, sample some of its gifts, the wines produced from grapes that thrive in this volcanic soil.

The most famous wine is the Lacryma Christi.  As the legend goes, when Satan was cast out of Heaven, he grabbed a piece of it, which fell where Mt. Vesuvius now lies.  Jesus cried in sorrow.  His tears fell down the mountain, creating the vines that produce this wine.  The vines produce grapes with incredible flavors because they were born from Christ’s Tears, Lacryma Christi.

Get to know this wine, and several others accompanied by excellent local food (again, more on this in a later blog).  And then enjoy the rest of your journey down the coast with your driver.

A knowledgeable driver will be able to show you all the points of interest along the way, and even let you stop for some beautiful photographs of the iconic coastline and sea sparkling below.

It is an unforgettable day!  But, my favorite thing about hiring a driver is not the convenience, or the information, or even the beauty, but the feeling that you’ve begun your day as a tourist, and ended it as a friend.

Take the opportunity to get to know your driver.  Before you know it, in the same moment he’s telling you on your right is the Isle of Capri, and what he’s having for dinner with his wife and kids later that evening.  You get a little glimpse of life there, today, and the people that make this place so special.

We’ve just returned.  Our driver was Emilio.  Along the way, we were exchanging family photos, chatting about what each of our families did for fun, and then he’d say, “Oh, over there you see Positano! Let’s stop for a photo!”

During a day like this, you learn about the history, the legends, the products, but a true passion for the place cannot come from that alone.  It comes from the people who welcome you with open arms and offer you a taste of what it’s like not only to visit, but to belong.

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Lindsay Sinko,

Passion for Italy Travel, USA