Friendly Service, Sea Views, and Under the Tuscan Sun Charm in Positano; this is one of our favorite hotels in the Amalfi Coast, and it’s more affordable than you might expect!

No doubt many Americans’ dreams of Positano were born, like mine, in the movie theater watching Under the Tuscan Sun.

Remember the scene where Frances walks out onto the balcony of Marcello’s house holding the little kitten, and looks out over the gorgeous views of Positano?

Well, you can stay there, in that very room.  In fact, it is one of our favorite hotels in the Amalfi Coast.

The hotel is special not only to those of us who love the movie, but more importantly, because of the wonderful family who owns it, and the breathtaking views from each room.

Many hotels charge more for a sea view, but not here.  Each room offers a splendid sea view, so rest assured if you stay here, yours will be special.

Opening the door and stepping out onto the balcony has got to be one of the greatest pleasures in the world.  There it is!  The sea, the town you’ve always dreamt of, and music in the voices and restaurants down below.

Majolica tiles give the entire town a hand painted appeal, and the same colorful cheeriness is present in each room.

We had just stepped out onto our balcony when there was a knock on the door and a friendly face smiling with two glasses of prosecco.

What joy, to sip wine that sparkles like the sunlight on the sea below from your very own balcony.

The entire feel here is happiness, bright sunshine, and lemon scented splendor.

At check in the staff invites you to make a dinner reservation at the hotel’s restaurant, which we highly recommend!

Lemon risotto is a delicious welcome to this charming little town, and the restaurant’s views are unforgettable.

In Positano at night, there is a little light that shines in the sea, and in its beam the color of the water glows turquoise.  It’s a beautiful hint at the water that will greet you in the morning light.

Coming down for breakfast in this hotel is such a treat.  Fresh fruit, pastries with figs and honey, cereals, eggs, and of course the delicious coffee prepared as you wish, are sure to start the day out right!

In less than a minute, you can find whatever your heart desires in the shops of the town; linen, pottery, soaps, jewelry.

It’s all there, just steps outside your door.

In about 5 minutes you can reach the beach, or a ferry to take you to neighboring towns or the Isle of Capri.

But, perhaps the greatest joy of staying here is coming in at night and being greeted by the delightful family, then stepping out again onto the balcony with a glass of prosecco to soak in all the beauty and happiness that is Positano.

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Lindsay Sinko,
PFI Travel, USA