In the verdant hills of the Chianti region of Tuscany, medieval towers and rows of grapevines paint a scene out of a Tuscan dream.

Whether you dream of learning to cook like an Italian nonna or prefer to leave the cooking to the experts and enjoy the wine, we have just the place for you.

The options and experiences are endless at this gorgeous and heart-warming winery near San Gimignano.

Several years ago, my husband and I went to this place and fell in love with it (and its wines!).

Every client has come back just as in love with it as we are, so I was excited to visit again this year.

Wandering the beautiful grounds felt like coming home.  Before we knew it, someone pulled us aside because he recognized us.  It was Lillo, our wine guide from 3 years prior!

We recognized him immediately.

Sitting down at the table, we were all laughing within seconds.  Those of us who knew each other, and those we’d just met, all bonding over Tuscan flavors and joyful smiles.

If you’ve never tried the Tuscan Ribollita soup, you are is missing something rather special!

We sipped the soup and compared the flavors of Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva as Lillo told us the story of the black rooster on the label.

Nothing in Italy is complete without legend, and no surprise here, the black rooster has to do with the legend of the Chianti region.

As the story goes, Florence and Siena were to race towards each other on horseback beginning at the crow of the rooster.  Where they met would determine the region’s boarders.

Siena chose a white rooster, Florence chose black.  I’ll let Lillo elaborate, but anyone care to guess who won the race?

Both Chianti varieties are fantastic, but they’re only among the 13 products introduced here!  Get to know them all, straight from the family who has made these wines for 15 generations.

As you laugh, and sip, and soak in the flavors, you gain such appreciation for the traditions here.

Teaching with the infectious Italian sense of humor, Lillo manages to make guests from all over the world feel like old family friends.  Never has learning been such fun!

Pasta drizzled with truffle olive oil, gelato topped with aged balsamic, and wines ranging from the white Vernaccia di San Gimignano to Chianti, Super Tuscan and Brunello, you are in for quite the experience!

It’s not, “Here is the next wine, a Super Tuscan blend of Sangiovese and XYZ”.  Here you learn about the grapes, but also the family member who the wines are named after, some dating back to 1720.

You learn not only about food pairing, and the correct way to hold your glass, but the right moment, mood and occasion each wine merits.

My favorite was, “The best way to enjoy this wine is lying under the stars, listening to the ocean with the one you love…open the bottle… alleluia!”

One touching story, one subtle and hilarious innuendo at a time, you get a taste of not only Italy, but Italians.

Big personalities, warm hearts, moments of smiles and laughter that no time could erase.

Saying goodbyes, the sweetness of Vin Beato and biscotti lingers on your lips, and the warmth of wine and laughter fills your heart.

My husband’s hand in mine as we pulled away said everything our words could not.  We’re at home here.  We always will be.  And you will be too if you go just once.

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Lindsay Sinko,

PFI Travel, USA