We all need a bit of Encouragement sometimes… I found this beautiful poem in the gift shop of the paper museum in Amalfi, and fell in love with it immediately.  Anyone who has faced and overcome challenges can relate to this, so I wanted to translate it and share.

To me this line is just spectacular, “Love it every time you’re born”.

Anyone who has been to Italy will probably recognize this sensation, when you experience such beauty that something new inside you is born.

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May this little poem bring you a bit of encouragement today!:

Love life as it is

Love it fully, without pretense;

Love it when they love you, love it when they hate you,

Love it when no one understands you,

Or when everyone understands you.

Love it when everyone abandons you,

Or when they exalt you like a king.

Love it when they steal everything from you, or when they give it.

Love it when it makes sense or when

It seems not to make the slightest bit of sense.

Love it in total happiness, or in absolute loneliness.

Love it when you are strong, or when you feel weak.

Love it when you’re afraid, or when

You have a mountain of courage.

Love it non only for the great pleasures,

And the enormous satisfactions;

Love it also for the tiniest joys.

Love it although it doesn’t give you that which it could,

Love it also if it is not how you want it.

Love it every time you’re born,

And also every time you feel like dying.

But never love without love.

Never live without life!

-Maria Teresa di Calcutta