Guided walk for four hours from Vernazza to Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Ligura.  Meet in Vernazza at 9.00 am
A beautiful path with stunning views, this is the most tiring stretch of the n° 2 path. You will exit Vernazza village through via Ettore, and start climbing up towards the cemetery. Flanking the cemetery, one walks above a bridge half-hidden by stonewalls and vegetation. The mule track is very steep and after a brief while one reaches 150 metres above sea level, flanking the terraces, where, in the cracks of the stonewalls, the lizards hide.

One is immersed in the Mediterranean bush that has taken over many deserted areas.
The mule track narrows and the ground becomes more slippery. Take care, you will walk past the Rio Molinaro until you will reach a picnic area. Proceeding towards the ‘Valle dell’Acquapendente’, one walks over a hunch back bridge and reaches 140 metres above sea level.

One more slight climb uphill and the path begins to descend down an uncomfortable but secure cement stairs, built on an ancient track which flanks the high vegetable garden walls.

One proceeds towards Punta Corone, where it is possible to spot a large military bunker. After a short stretch there is a fork; one of the two paths goes to the village passing behind the council building and arrives in Piazza Garibaldi in Monterosso; the other, follows the coast till it reaches the sea promenade. The overall height difference is 260 metres.

The short trail is one of the most popular in the park. But a feature of the long trail is that you will have the opportunity to visit two shrines and admire the whole park from the top. It makes no difference which end of the trail you start from.

The walk takes 2 hours to do at a leisurely pace but includes also a tour of the two villages of Monterosso and Vernazza and time to stop and take photos enjoying the view and nature.

* NOTE: This path is not suitable for those who:- have difficulty walking, climbing up slopes, long sets of stairs, people with heart problems,, dizziness, vertigo, disabled, small children.

Duration: 4 Hrs 

Tour commences: 9.00 am-13.00

Requirements: Hat, sports or trekking shoes, water